Littmann. Tales of the Tigre (Ethiopia)

Today's free book is Tales, Customs, Names, and Dirges of the Tigre Tribes (Princeton Expedition to Abyssinia, volume 2) by Enno Littmann. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

1. The Tale of the two Donkey-Owners
2. The Tale of the Ox, the Sheep, the Chicken and the Donkey
3. The Tale of the Boar, the Fox and the Man
4. The Tale of the Man, the Serpent and the Fox
5. The Tale of the Council of the Mice
6. The Tale of the Boar and the Elephants
7. The Tale of all the Wild Animals, Eatable and Uneatable
8. The Tale of the Guenon, the Baboon and the Lion
9. The Tale of the Lion, the Hyaena and the Fox
10. The Tale of the Lion and the Fox
11. The Tale of the Fox, the White Kite and the Raven
12. The Tale of the Scholar and the Guenon
13. The Tale of how the Fox followed the Elephant
14. The Tale of a Hen
15. The Tale of the Pure-Hearted One and the One with the Black Soul
16. The Tale of Beiho, of the People of Old
17. The Tale of a Woman and her Husband
18. The Tale of the Elephant and the Leopard and his Son
19. The Tale of the Leopard and the Fox
20. The Tale of the Ape and the Gazel
21. The Tale of the Hyaena and her Herdsman
22. The Tale of the Hyaena
23. The Tale of the Hyaena and a Moslem Prophet
24. A Tale of Abunawas
25. The Tale of the Man who made a Bet
26. A Tale of Abunawas
27. The Tale of the Parting of the Brothers
28. A Tale Resembling a Riddle in Figures
29. A Tale Resembling a Riddle
30. A Tale Resembling a Riddle
31. The Story of the Ad Takles
32. The Story of the Fight at Balqat
33. The Story of the Fight of Sangera
34. The Story of Kantebay Sallim and of Ali wad Mao
35. The Story of Kamel wad Gabay and Gahad wad Aggaba
36. The Proverb that Gahad wad Aggaba made
37. The Story of Gendefll
38. The Story of Dannas and his Slave
39. The Proverb that Adeg wad Fedel made
40. The Proverb that the People of Ad Takles made
41. The Legend of the Three Marys
42. The Legend of the Prophet Moses and the Prophet Mahammad
43. The Stars that Have Names
44. The Story of the Great Star
45. The Story of Kema and her Son
46. The Story of the True Seven and Gah and the Qeren
47. A Song of Ali-Gange wad Hemmad-Derar
48. About the Stars, again, he Sang thus
49. Of what is Told about the Stars
50. Of what Happens at the Rise of the New-Moon
51. The Names of the Months of the Year
52. Of what is Believed about the Death of the Moon
53- Of the Computation of Constellations
54. Of the Bird Called Adha or Dah
55. Edris wad Sawer Sang this Song
56. The Tale of the Leopard in his Old Age
57. Of what they Tell about the Chameleon
58. Of the Debbi
59. Of the Wolf
60. Of the Lizards
61. Of the Bird Qerqer and her Son Hamed
62. Of the Guinea-Hen and the Partridge
63. Of the Serpent Called Heway
64. Of a Certain Bird and his Wife
65. Of the Bird Called Suksuk
66. Of the Bird Called Mameraye-mi-tedarrara
67. The Race of the Hyaena
68. The Race of the Fox
69. The Legend of the Monkey, the Beetle, the Wasp, the Fly, the Lizard, the Frog and the Sayat-Tree
70. A Song of Hamad-Lul wad Egel of Marya
71. Keffal wad Bakit of Habab Sang this Song
72. The Legend of God and the Human Race
73. The Legend of the Rom, the Giant People
74. Of how the Rom Came to an End
75. Of how God Takes Care of the Children
76. The Tale of a Man who Knew the Language of all the Animals
77. The Tale of Mount Gadam
78. The Tale of a Man and his Wife
79. Of a Man who Took an Oath about Four Things
80. The Tale of Jacob and Joseph
81. Of the MansacCountry
82. Of the Rites and Customs that are Practised from the Time of Pregnancy until the Time of Childbirth
83. Of the Customs that are Practised from the Betrothal until the Wedding
84. Of the Rite of Circumcision in the Tigre Country
85. Of the Rite of Baptism with the Mansa Bet-Abrehe
86. Names of Persons in the Tigre Country
87. Of the Way in which the Dervishes united
88. The Way in which Factions United
89. Tunes of the Harp
90. War-Cries
91. Of the Highwaymen
92. The Names of Swords
93. Species of Swords
94. The Wered or Ordeal
95. Of the Years of Camels
96. Names of She-Camels
97. The Years of Cattle
98. Races of Cattle
99. The Colours of Cattle
100. The Names of Cattle with the Tigre People
101. The Making of Beverages in the Tigre Country
102. The Making of Unleavened Bread in the Tigre Country
103. The Years and the Time which the Bet-Abrehe Know
104. The Taboos or Forbidden Food of the Tigre People
105. The Greeting of the Tigre People
106. Of the Keeping of Festivals of the Mansa Bet-Abrehe
107. Of the Rite of Sacrifice in the Tigre Country
108. Of the Customs and Rites Observed by the Tigre People from the Time of Disease until Burial
109. Of what is Thrown for the Dead and of the Milk-Sacrifice
110. Dirges Sung by Women for the Men
111. Of the Belief which they Have about the People of Below
112. Of the Gan (the Bird of the Soul)
113. Of what they Call Seher (Sorcerer) and Bozza
114. Of the Demon called Waddegenni
115. Of the Beliefs about Hair
116. Unlucky Hair
117. Of what is Believed about Nails
118. Of what is Believed about Teeth
119. Of what is Believed about the Body of Man and about his Bones
120. Of Some Beliefs about the Digging of Clay
121. The Tale of a Man whose Cattle had been Seized by a She-Demon
122. Of Omens
123. Of the Curse of Trees
124. Cursing of Men
125. The Tribes that Know the Tigre Language and their Way of Living

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