Tremearne. Hausa Superstitions and Customs

Today's free book is Hausa Superstitions and Customs by A. J. N. Tremearne. You can read about the Hausa people at Wikipedia; they live mostly in Nigeria and Niger, althoug there are also Hausa-speaking people in other parts of Africa.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

1. There is no King but God
2. The Punishment of the Sabbath-Breakers
3. The Tender-Hearted Maiden and the Fish
4. The Spider, the Old Woman, and the Wonderful Bull
5. The False Friend
6. A Lie Can Give More Pain than a Spear
7. The King who Fulfilled his Promise to the Leper
8. The Friendly Lion, and the Youth and his Wife
g. However Poor You Are, There is Someone Even Worse off
10. The Boy, the Girl, and Dodo
11. Falsehood is More Profitable than Truth
12. Virtue Pays Better than Greed
13. The Victim does not Always See the Joke
14. Dodo, the Robber, and the Magic Door
15. The Deceitful Spider, the Half-Man, and the Rubber-Girl
16. The Rich Malam, the Thieving Spider, and the Hyena
17. Little Fool, or the Biter Bit
18. How the Spider ate the Hyena Cubs' Food
19. The Slave who was Wiser than the King
20. The Cock by his Wit Saves His Skin
21. The Hen seeks a Charm from the Wild-Cat
22. The Battle between the Beasts and the Birds
23. The Goat Frightens the Hyena
24. The Spider, the Guinea-fowl, and the Francolin
25. How the Cunning Jerboa Killed the Strong Lion
26. The Camel and the Rude Monkey
27. The Boy who was Lucky in Trading
28. One Cannot Help an Unlucky Man
29. The Wonderful Ring
30. The Greedy Girl and Her Cure
31. The Gluttons
32. How Dodo Frightened the Greedy Man
33. Bortorimi and the Spider
34. The Hyena and the Spider Visit the King of a Far City
35. The Hyena Confesses Her Guilt
36. The Greedy Spider and the Birds
37. The Hare Outwits the Hyena
38. Everything Comes to Him who Waits
39. The Lazy Frog and his Punishment
40. The Snake and the Scorpion
41. The Spider which Bought a Dog as a Slave
42. The Wooing of the Bashful Maiden
43. The Girls and the Unknown Youth
44. The Son of the King of Agaddez
45. The Boy who Became his Rival's Ruler
46. The Wild Cat and the Hen
47. The Dishonest Father
48. The Contest for Dodo's Wife
49. The Man and His Lazy Wives
50. The Two Wives, the Hyaena, and the Dove
51. The Man and his Wives, and Dodo
52. The Wife who Would not Work Alone
53. The Thoughtful and the Thoughtless Husbands
54. Solomon and the Birds
55. The King who Coveted His Son's Wife
56. The Girl who Married Dodo's Son
57. The Man who Married a Monkey
58. The Monkey-Woman
59. The Despised Wife's Triumph
60. The Good Kishia and the Lucky Boy
61. The Determined Girl and the Wicked Parents
62. The Wicked Girl and her Punishment
63. The Two Half-Brothers and the Jealous Mother
64. The Origin of the White-Breasted Crow
65. The Brave Mother and the Cowardly Father
66. The Fighting Ram
67. The Lucky Foundling
68. The Wicked Father and the Kind Stranger
69. The Woman who Could not Keep a Secret
70. The Boy who Refused to Walk
71. The Woman who Bore a Clay Pot
72. The Woman whose Offspring were a Mouse and a Cake
73. How the Beautiful Girl escaped from Dodo
74. The Precocious New-Baby Settles his Father's Debts
75. Dodo's Debt
76. How the Eagle Outwitted the Townspeople
77. The Spider Passes on a Debt
78. The Spider Pays his Debts
79. The Youngest Son and the Wise Ewe
80. The Lucky Youngest Son
81. The Division of the Inheritance
82. The City of Women
83. The Town where None Might Go to Sleep
84. The Mender of Men
85. The Porcupine Becomes a Step-Father
86. How Auta Killed Dodo
87. How the Zankallalla Killed Dodo
88. The Wrestlers and the Devil
89. The Two Girls and the Demons
90. The Three Youths and the Three Demons
91. The Ungrateful Men
92. The Man, and his Wives who Were Witches
93. How the Ill-treated Girl Became Rich
94. Dan-Kuchingaya and the Witch
95. The Boy, the Witch, and the Wonderful Horse
96. The Boy who Cheated Death
97. The King with Cannibal Tastes
98. The Many-Headed Cannibals
99. Why the Young Giant Lost His Strength
100. The Youth and the One-Sided Giantess

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