Harris. Uncle Remus and His Friends

Today's free book is Uncle Remus and His Friends by Joel Chandler Harris (1892). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book has illustrations by A. B. Frost.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Why the Hawk catches Chickens
Brother Bear and the Honey Orchard
Brother Babbit has Fun at the Ferry
Death and the Negro Man
Where the Harrycane Comes From
Why Brother Wolf di n't eat the Little Rabbits
Mrs. Partridge has a Fit
Brother Fox "Smells Smoke"
Brother Fox still in Trouble
Why Brother Fox's Legs are Black
Why Brother Bull Growls and Grumbles
The Man and the Wild Cattle
Brother Rabbit Frightens Brother Tiger
Brother Billy Goat Eats his Dinner
The King that Talked Biggity
Brother Rabbit's Money Mint
Why the Moon's Face is Smutty
Brother Rabbit conquers Brother Lion
"Heyo, House!"
According to how the Drop Falls
A Fool for Luck
The Man and his Boots
Brother Mud Turtle's Trickery
How the King recruited his Army

The Plough-Hands' Song
A Song of the Mole
"Oh, Gimme de Gal!"
Christmas Dance Song
"Dem Lam's a-Cryin'!"
"Run, Nigger, Run!"
Corn-Shucking Song
Oh July! Dis Long Time!
Walk-a Chalk
"Come Along, True Believer!"
A Negro Love Song
"De ol' Sheep sharp"
Ring dem Charmin' Bells
Hog-Feeder's Song
Nursery Song
My Honey, My Love

Uncle Remus at the Telephone
Uncle Remus Receives a Valentine
"Miss Sally" and the Tree Man
Intimidation of a Colored Voter
A Story of a Blind Horse
Uncle Remus in Limbo
Uncle Remus Thinks He Finds a Snake
Uncle Remus and the Comet
Some Advice to a Colored Brother
Preaching that is Preaching, and Uncle Remus's Comments on it
Called to Account by the Preacher
Uncle Remus's Experience with "Ha'nts "
A Queer Experience with the Phonograph
A Case of the Grippe.
Uncle Remus's Ideas of Conjuring
Views on the African Exodus
Uncle Remus on an Electric Car
William Henry at School
Uncle Remus's Grandson gets into Serious Trouble
The Experience of William Henry as a Farmer
The Georgia Watermelon

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