Jekyll. Jamaican Song and Story (Anansi Stories)

Today's free book is Jamaican Song and Story: Annancy Stories, Digging Sings, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes, collected and edited by Walter Jekyll with an Introduction by Alice Werner. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

1. Annancy and Brother Tiger
2. Yung-Kyum-Pyung
3. King Daniel
4. Tomby
5. How Monkey manage Annancy
6. Blackbird and Woss-woss
7. The Three Sisters
8. William Tell
9. Brother Annancy and Brother Death
10. Mr. Bluebeard
11. Annancy, Puss and Ratta
12. Toad and Donkey
13. Snake the Postman
14. Doba
15. Dry-Bone
16. Annancy and the Old Lady's Field
17. Man-Crow
18. Saylan
19. Annancy and Screech-Owl
20. Annancy and Cow
21. Tacoma and the Old-Witch Girl
22. Devil's Honey-Dram
23. Annancy in Crab Country
24. Gaulin
25. Annancy, Monkey and Tiger
26. The Three Pigs
27. Dummy
28. Annancy and Candlefly
29. Parson Puss and Parson Dog
30. Chicken-Hawk
31. Pretty Poll
32. Annancy and Hog
33. Dry-River
34. Yellow Snake
35. Cow and Annancy
36. Leah and Tiger
37. Timmolimmo
38. Calcutta Monkey and Annancy
39. Open Sesame
40. Sea-Mahmy
41. Crab and his Corn-piece
42. Dry-Grass and Fire
43. John Crow
44. Tiger's Death
45. The Old Lady and the Jar
46. John Crow and Fowl-Hawk
47. Finger Quashy
48. Annancy and his Fish-Pot
49. Hog and Dog
50. Devil and the Princess
51. Wheeler

52. Oh hurrah, boys!
53. Ho biddybye
54. Tell Mr. Linky
55. Tell Mr. Bell
56. Bad homan oh!
57. Bell a ring a yard oh!
58. The one shirt I have
59. Jessie cut him yoke
60. T'ree acre of Cahffee
61. Away, away
62. Wednesday morning before day
63. Oh Samuel oh!
64. Oh 'liza oh!
65. Aunty Mary oh!
66. Oh me yerry news!
67. Jes' so me barn
68. Tell Mary say
69. Me tell them gall
70. Gold, amber gold
71. Gee oh mother Mac
72. Leah married a Tuesday
73. Cheer me oh!
74. Me cock a crow
75. Oh Selina!
76. Sambo Lady
77. John Thomas
78. Whé mumma dé?
79. Toady
80. Me know the man
81. Minnie
82. You want to yerry Duppy talk
83. Me know Sarah
84. Me donkey want water
85. A Somerset me barn
86. Timber lay down 'pon pit
87. Me want go home
88. War down a Monkland

89. Little Sally Water
90. Poor Little Zeddy
91. Whé me lover dé?
92. Ring a diamond
93. Carry Banana
94. Pass the ball
95. Me los' me gold ring
96. Old mother Phœbe
97. Deggy
98. Me go da Galloway Road
99. Rosybel
100. Bull a pen ho!
101. Two man a road
102. Adina Mona
103. Palmer
104. Mother Freeman
105. Me have me goosey a me yard
106. Drill him, Constab!
107. If you make him come out
108. Oh me Toad oh!
109. There's a Black boy in a ring
110. Johnny
111. Me lover gone a Colon bay
112. Good morning to you, mother
113. Johnny Miller
114. Bahlimbo
115. Oh den Jacky
116. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

117. When I go home
118. Guava root a medicine
119. Crahss-lookin' dog up'tairs
120. Goatridge have some set a gal
121. Me carry me akee a Linstead market
122. Since Dora Logan
123. Fire, Mr. Preston, Fire!
124. Tief cahffee
125. Fan me, soldierman
126. Manny Clark
127. Bungo Moolatta
128. Bahl, Ada
129. Rise a roof in the morning
130. Oh we went to the river
131. Aunty Jane a call Minnie
132. Marty, Marty
133. What make you shave old Hall?
134. Run, Moses, run
135. Whé you da do?
136. Mother William, hold back Leah
137. Oh, General Jackson!
138. Soldier, da go 'way
139. Don't cry too much, Jamaica gal
140. Dip them
141. Very well, very well
142. Oh trial!
143. Father, I goin' to join the confirmation
144. Obeah down dé
145. The other day me waistcoat cut
146. All them gal a ride merry-go-round
147. Merry-go-round a go fall down
148. Try, dear, don't tell a lie
149. Look how you mout'
150. Breezy say him no want Brown lady
151. Isaac Park gone a Colon
152. Matilda dé 'pon dyin' bed
153. Mas' Charley
154. Me buggy a sell
155. Oh 'zetta Ford, gal
156. Birdyzeena
157. Me an' Katie no 'gree
158. Down-town gal
159. Sal, you ought to been ashame
160. Good morning, Mr. Harman
161. Hullo me honey!
162. When mumma dere
163. Oh Jilly oh!
164. James Brown, you mahmy call you
165. When I go home
166. Feather, feather, feather
167. Quaco Sam
168. Anch a bite me
169. Me know one gal a Cross Road
170. Moonshine baby
171. I have a news
172. Once I was a trav'ller
173. Oh me wouldn' bawl at all
174. You take junka 'tick
175. Yellow fever come in
176. Jimmy Rampy
177. Susan, very well why oh!
178. Bahss, Bahss, you married you wife
179. Blackbird a eat puppa corn, oh!
180. Me da Coolie sleep on Piazza
181. Notty Shaw
182. You worthless Becca Watson
183. Since the waggonette come in
184. Them Gar'n Town people
185. Young gal in Jamaica, take warning
186. Me no min dé a concert
187. Complain, complain, complain
188. I can't walk on the bare road
189. Come go da mountain
190. Amanda Grant
191. Last night I was lying on me number
192. Me lassie, me dundooze
193. Mister Davis bring somet'ing fe we all
194. A whé the use
195. Quattywort' of this!
196. Mahngoose a come

A. Traces of African Melody in Jamaica—C.S. Myers
B. English Airs and Motifs in Jamaica—L.E. Broadwood

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