Eastman. Wigwam Evenings - Sioux Folk Tales

Today's free book is Wigwam Evenings - Sioux Folk Tales by C. Eastman and E. G. Eastman (1928). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Also available at: Project Gutenberg and Hathi Trust. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

First: The Buffalo and the Field-mouse
Second: The Frogs and the Crane
Third: The Eagle and the Beaver
Fourth: The War Party
Fifth: The Falcon and the Duck
Sixth: The Raccoon and the Bee-tree
Seventh: The Badger and the Bear
Eighth: The Good-luck Token
Ninth: Unktomee and his Bundle of Songs
Tenth: Unktomee and the Elk
Eleventh: The Festival of the Little People
Twelfth: Eya the Devourer
Thirteenth: The Wars of Wa-Kee-Yan and Unk-Tay-Hee
Fourteenth: The Little Boy Man
Fifteenth: The Return of the Little Boy Man
Sixteenth: The First Battle
Seventeenth: The Beloved of the Sun
Eighteenth: Wood-Chopper and Berry-picker
Nineteenth: The Son-in-law
Twentieth: The Comrades
Twenty-first: The Laugh-maker
Twenty-second: The Runaways
Twenty-third: The Girl Who Married the Star
Twenty-fourth: North Wind and Star Boy
Twenty-fifth: The Ten Virgins
Twenty-sixth: The Magic Arrows
Twenty-seventh: The Ghost-Wife

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