Ryder. Twenty-Two Goblins.

Today's free Kindle ebook is Twenty-Two Goblins, Arthur Ryder's translation of the Sanskrit Vetālapañcaviṃśati (published in 1917). You can find out more about this book in the Twenty-Two Goblins unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at: Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Sacred Texts, Hathi Trust, and Google Books, with a free audiobook at LibriVox. There is also a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents

1. The Prince's Elopement. Whose fault was the resulting death of his parents-in-law?
2. The Three Lovers who brought the Dead Girl to Life. Whose wife should she be?
3. The Parrot and the Thrush. Which are worse, men or women?
4. King Shudraka and Hero's Family. Which of the five deserves the most honour?
5. The Brave Man, the Wise Man, and the Clever Man. To which should the girl be given?
6. The Girl who transposed the Heads of her Husband and Brother. Which combination of head and body is her husband?
7. The Mutual Services of King Fierce-lion and Prince Good. Which is the more deserving?
8. The Specialist in Food, the Specialist in Women, and the Specialist in Cotton. Which is the cleverest?
9. The Four Scientific Suitors. To which should the girl be given?
10. The Three Delicate Wives of King Virtue-banner. Which is the most delicate?
11. The King who won a Fairy as his Wife. Why did his counsellor's heart break?
12. The Brahman who died because Poison from a Snake in the Claws of a Hawk fell into a Dish of Food given him by a Charitable Woman. Who is to blame for his death?
13. The Girl who showed Great Devotion to the Thief. Did he weep or laugh?
14. The Man who changed into a Woman at Will. Was his wife his or the other man's?
15. The Fairy Prince Cloud-chariot and the Serpent Shell-crest. Which is the more self-sacrificing?
16. The King who died for Love of his General's Wife; the General follows him in Death. Which is the more worthy?
17. The Youth who went through the Proper Ceremonies. Why did he fail to win the magic spell?
18. The Boy whom his Parents, the King, and the Giant conspired to Kill. Why did he laugh at the moment of death?
19. The Man, his Wife, and her Lover, who all died for Love. Which was the most foolish?
20. The Four Brothers who brought a Dead Lion to Life. Which is to blame when he kills them all?
21. The Old Hermit who exchanged his Body for that of the Dead Boy. Why did he weep and dance?
22. The Father and Son who married Daughter and Mother. What relation were their children?

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