Alexander. Latin-American Mythology

Today's free book is The Mythology of All Races (Vol. 11): Latin-American by Hartley Burr Alexander. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Chapter I. The Antilles
I The Islanders
II The First Encounters
III Zemiism
IV Taino Myths
V The Areitos
VI Carib Lore

Chapter II. Mexico
I Middle America
II Conquistadores
III The Aztec Pantheon
IV The Great Gods
1 Huitzilopochtli
2 Tezcatlipoca
3 Quetzalcoatl
4 Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue
V The Powers of Life
VI The Powers of Death

Chapter III. Mexico (continued)
I Cosmogony
II The Four Suns
III The Calendar and its Cycles
IV Legendary History
V Aztec Migration-Myths
VI Surviving Paganism

Chapter IV. Yucatan
I The Maya
II Votan, Zamna, and Kukulcan
III Yucatec Deities
IV Rites and Symbols
V The Maya Cycles
VI The Creation

Chapter V. Central America
I Quiche and Cakchiquel
II The Popul Vuh
III The Hero Brothers
IV The Annals of the Cakchiquel
V Honduras and Nicaragua

Chapter VI. The Andean North
I The Cultured Peoples of the Andes
II The Isthmians
III El Dorado
IV Myths of the Chibcha
V The Men from the Sea

Chapter VII. The Andean South
I The Empire of the Incas
II The Yunca Pantheons
III The Myths of the Chincha
IV Viracocha and Tonapa
V The Children of the Sun
VI Legends of the Incas

Chapter VIII. The Tropical Forests: the Orinoco and Guiana
I Lands and Peoples
II Spirits and Shamans
III How Evils Befell Mankind
IV Creation and Cataclysm
V Nature and Human Nature

Chapter IX. The Tropical Forests: the Amazon and Brazil
I The Amazons
II Food-Makers and Dance-Masks
III Gods, Ghosts, and Bogeys
IV Imps, Were-Beasts, and Cannibals
V Sun, Moon, and Stars
VI Fire, Flood, and Transformations

Chapter X. The Pampas to the Land of Fire
I The Far South
II El Chaco and the Pampeans
III The Araucanians
IV The Patagonians
V The Fuegians

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