Giddings. Yaqui Myths and Legends

Today's free book is Yaqui Myths and Legends by Ruth Warner Giddings and illustrated by Laurie Cook. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, and the links below are to that online edition of the book.

Cultural Setting
Yaqui Story Telling
The Narrators

The Stories
Yomumuli and the Little Surem People
The Ku Bird
The Wise Deer
Tasi'o Sewa
When Badger Named the Sun
The Wax Monkey
The False Beggar
The Stick That Sang
The Two Bears
The Walking Stone
Sun and Moon
Five Friends of Takochai
The Man Who Became a Buzzard
The Snake People
Juan Sin Miedo
The Boy Who Became a King
The Big Bird
The Wars Against the Mexicans
War Between the Yaquis and the Pimas
Peace at Pitahaya
The First Deer Hunter
The Death of Kutam Tawi
The Flood and the Prophets
San Pedro and Cristo
Jesucristo and San Pedro
Pedro de Ordimales
San Pedro and the Devil
Father Frog
Two Little Lambs
Maisoka and Hima'awikia
The Cricket and the Lion
Grasshopper and Cricket
Turtle and Coyote
Coyote and Rabbit
Heron and Fox
The Cat and the Monkey
In Rabbit's House
Coyote and the Friendly Dogs
The Black Horse
Duck Hunter
Tesak Pascola's Watermelons
The Calabazas Funeral
Topol the Clever
Why the Animals Remain Animals
Coyote Woman
The First Fiesta
The Five Mended Brothers
The First Fire
The Spirit Fox
The Yaqui Doctor
The Twins
The Snake of the Hill of Nohme
Cho'oko Baso

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