Judson. Myths and Legends of British North America

Today's free book is Myths and Legends of British North America by Katharine Berry Judson. You can find out more about this book in the British North America unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

This books is available at Internet ArchiveGoogle Books, and Hathi Books. There is a free audiobook at LibriVox also!

(illustration in the book)

Beliefs — Haida
Beliefs — Eastern Eskimo
Beliefs — Bella Coola
Creation of the World — Wyandot
How the Earth was Formed — Cree
Old One and Creation — Thompson River
Creation of the Earth — Thompson River
Raven and Creation — Haida
Origin of Rivers in Queen — Haida
Charlotte Islands — Haida
Origin of Haida Land — Haida
Raven and Moon-woman — Haida
Origin of Light — Wyandot
Origin of Light — Thompson River
Creation of Light — Carrier
Coming of Fire — Carrier
How Grizzly Bear and Coyote made Light and the Seasons — Shuswap
Origin of Light and Fire — Lillooet
How Fire was Secured — Lillooet
How Raven Brought Fire — Haida
When Mink Carried the Torches — Bella Coola
Old One — Shuswap
The Great Fire — Lillooet
The Burning of the World — Cree
The House of Sun — Bella Coola
Why the Sun is Bright — Lillooet
When Sun was Snared — Ojibwa
Sun and Moon — Thompson River
The Man in the Moon — Central Eskimo
Why the Moon is Pale — Wyandot
The Woman in the Moon — Shuswap
Moon — Thompson River
War with the Sky People — Thompson River
How Two Sisters got out of Skyland — Chilcotin
Origin of the Pleiades — Wyandot
The Star Hunters — Chilcotin
The Great Bear and the Hunter — Chilcotin
How the Summer Came — Ojibwa
The Rainbow Trail — Wyandot
Origin of the Chinook Wind — Shuswap
When Glacier Married Chinook's Daughter — Lillooet
Mink's War with the Southeast Wind — Kwakiutl
When North's Son Married Southeast's Daughter — Haida 
Capture of Wind — Chilcotin
How Wind Became a Slave — Haida 
Thunder, Lightning, and Rain — Central Eskimo
Thunder — Wyandot
Turtle and the Thunder Bird — Ojibwa
Why Lightning Strikes the Trees — Thompson River
The Making of Lakes and Mountains — Haida 
Origin of Races — Cree 
Origin of Chilcotin Canon — Shuswap 
Origin of Animals — Eastern Eskimo 
Bird Beginnings — Eastern Eskimo 
Mosquitoes — Haida 
Origin of Death — Thompson River
Duration of Human Life — Haida 
How Death Came — Lillooet
Origin of Arrowheads — Lillooet
Origin of Carved House Posts — Haida 
The Wind-power Carving — Thompson River
Calendar — Thompson River
Calendar — Cree 
Calendar — Shuswap
How the Indians First Obtained Blankets — Chilcotin
Hunting in the Snow Mountains — Chilcotin
Coyote's Gift of the Salmon, and the Canon of the Fraser River — Nicola falley and Fraser River
The Coming of the Salmon — Bella Coola
Coyote and the Salmon — Shuswap
Wolverene and the Geese — Eastern Eskimo
Nanebojo and the Geese — Ojibwa
Adventures of Nanebojo — Ojibwa
Wiske-djak and the Geese — Algonquin
Wiske-djak and the Partridges — Algonquin
Wiske-djak and Great Beaver — Algonquin
Nenebuc — Ojibwa
Nenebuc and Big Bear — Ojibwa
Coyote and Fox — Shuswap
The Venturesome Hare — Eastern Eskimo
Rabbit and Frog — Eastern Eskimo
Big Turtle — Wyandot
Wolverene and Rock — Eastern Eskimo
Raven's Canoe Men — Haida 
Raven and Pitchman — Haida 
When Raven Married off his Sister — Haida 
Beaver and Porcupine — Haida 
Beaver and Porcupine — Shuswap
Beaver and Deer — Haida 
Eagle's Feast — Kwakiutl
When Chickadee Climbed a Tree — Shuswap
Redbird and Blackbird — Ojibwa
Little Gray Woodpecker — Wyandot
Owl — Eastern Eskimo
Chipmunk — Thompson River
Muskrat's Tail — Cree 
Wolverene and Brant — Eastern Eskimo
War of the Four Tribes — Shuswap
Tradition of Iroquois Falls — Eastern Cree
The Giantess and the Indian — Wyandot
The Destruction of Monsters — Shuswap

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