Judson. Myths and Legends of Alaska

Today's free book is Myths and Legends of Alaska edited by Katharine Berry Judson. You can find out more about this book in the Alaskan unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.
The book is available Project GutenbergInternet ArchiveGoogle Books, and Hathi Books. There is also a free audiobook at LibriVox!

(illustration from Judson's book)

The Raven Myth — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The Flood — Tlingit (Wrangell)
The Origin of the Tides — Tsetsaut
How the Rivers were Formed — Tlingit (Wrangell)
The Origin of Fire — Tlingit
Duration of Winter — Tlingit (Wrangell)
Raven’s Feast — Tlingit
Creation of the Porcupine — Tlingit
How Raven Taught the Chilkats — Tlingit (Wrangell)
Raven’s Marriage — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
Raven and the Seals — Tsimshian
Raven and Pitch — Tsimshian
Raven’s Dancing Blanket — Tsimshian
Raven and the Gulls — Tsimshian
The Land Otter — Tlingit (Wrangell)
Raven and Coot — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
Raven and Marmot — Eskimo (Bering Strait)
The Bringing of the Light by Raven — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
Daylight on the Nass River — Tlingit (Wrangell)
The Naming of the Birds — Tlingit (Wrangell)
The Origin of the Winds — Tlingit
Duration of Life — Tlingit (Wrangell)
Ghost Town — Tlingit (Wrangell)
[x]How Raven Stole the Lake — Haida (Queen Charlotte Islands)
The Killer Whale — Haida
Origin of the Chilkat Blanket — Tsimshian
Origin of Land and People — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
Creation of the World — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
Origin of Mankind — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The First Woman — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The First Tears — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
Origin of the Winds — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
Origin of the Wind — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
North Wind — Tlingit (Wrangell)
East Wind and North Wind — Tlingit
Creation of the Killer Whale — Tlingit
Future Life — Tlingit (Wrangell)
The Land of the Dead — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
The Ghost Land — Tlingit
The Sky Country — Tlingit
The Lost Light — Eskimo (Port Clarence)
The Chief in the Moon — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The Boy in the Moon — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
The Boy in the Moon — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
The Meteor(?) — Tsetsaut
Sleep House — Tlingit
Cradle Song — Koyukun
Proverbs — Tsimshian
How the Fox became Red — Athapascan
Beaver and Porcupine — Tsimshian
[xi]The Mark of the Marten — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
The Wolves and the Deer — Tsimshian
The Camp Robber — Athapascan (Upper Yukon)
The Circling of Cranes — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The Last of the Thunderbirds — Eskimo (Lower Yukon)
How the Kiksadi Clan Came to Sitka — Tlingit
Origin of the Grizzly Bear Crest — Tlingit
Origin of the Frog Crest — Tlingit
Origin of the Beaver Crest — Tlingit
Origin of the Killer Whale Crest — Tlingit
The Discontented Grass Plant — Eskimo (Bering Straits)
The Wind People — Koryak (Siberia)
Tricks of the Fox — Koryak (Siberia)

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