O'Bryan. Origin Myths of the Navaho

Today's free book is The Dine: Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians by Aileen O'Bryan. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts and the Internet Archive.


The Creation
The Creation or Age of Beginning.
The First World
The Second World
The Third World
The Fourth World
The Fifth World

The Age of Animal Heroes
The Order of Things, or the Age of Animal Heroes
The First Hogan
The Creation of the Sun and Moon
The Twelve Months of the Year
The Sun's Path
The Sky and the Earth
The Mountains Sacred to the Dîné
Mountain Chants
The Coming of Death and Life
Old Age and Illness
The Plan, or Order of Things

The Age of Gods
The Age of the Gods, or the Story of the Twins
The People of the Stone Houses
The Stick Race
Prayer Sticks
The Monsters Appear
When the Coyote Married the Maiden
The Maiden who Became a Bear
The Story of Noqoil pi, the Great Gambler
The First Game, that of the Seven Sticks
The Second Game, that of the Rolling Ring
The Third Game, that of the Stick the Shape of the Rainbow
The Fourth Game, that of Hitting the Ball
The Fifth, the Guessing Game
The Sixth Game, the Kicked Stick
The Seventh, the Game of the Planted Sticks
The Eighth Game, the Foot Race
The Story of the Moccasin Game
The Story of the Coming of the White Bead Woman
The White Bead Maiden's Marriage with the Sun
The Story of the Twin Brothers
The Story of the Twins and the Giant Yeitso
The Story of the Twins and Teel get, the Giant Elk
The Story of the Elder Brother and Tse na'hale, the Giant Birds
The Story of Tse'naga'hai, the Rolling Rock
The Story of Tsadidahalt' a li, the Twelve Antelope
The Age of the Gods, or the Story of the Twins
The Story of Tse'tahotsilta'li, He-Who-Kicks-People-Off-Cliffs
The Story of Loka'adi kisi, the Slashing Reeds
The Story of the Beautiful, Dangerous Young Woman
The Story of the Last Great Grief, the Swallow People of Mesa Verde
The Story of Tse'yeinti'li, the Rocks that Crush
The Story of Nayie a'anyie, or the Evil Eyes
The Story of the Four Last Ills

The Wanderings
The Wanderings or Age of the Patriarchs
Introduction: Sandoval's prayer
The Origin of the Dîné
The First Clans of the Dîné
The Making of the Headdress
The Story of the Water Buffalo's Kingdom
The Naming of the Brothers, and Their Departure
The Departure of the First Four Holy Ones
The Departure of the Holy Beings
The Departure of the White Bead Woman
The Story of the Clan Called Tqo yah ha'tline
The Story of the Rain Ceremony and Its Hogan
The Two Who Returned
Two Clans Related to the Clan Tqo yah ha' tline
The Story of the Pictograph of the Coil
The Story of the Mountain Chant and the Fire Dance
The Story of the Flint Knife Boys and the Great Warrior of Aztec
The Journey of the Elder Brother
The Story of the Younger Sister
The Story of the Mountain Top Chant, or the Story of the Maiden and the Bear
The Story of the Summer Dance
The Story of San'hode'di'begaeye, the Beggar's Son
The Story of the Two Maidens and the White Butterfly
The Story of San'hode'di's Medicine
The Story of the Dîné
The Story of the Two Boys and the Coming of the Horses
The Story of the Navaho and the Apache Peoples
Literature cited

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