Smith. Myths of the Iroquois

Today's free book is Myths of the Iroquois by Erminnie Smith, and you can learn more about the author here: In memoriam Mrs. Erminnie A. Smith (1837-1886).

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Google Books.

Gods and Other Supernatural Beings   
Hi-nun Destroying the Giant Animals  
A Seneca Legend of Hi-nun and Niagara  
The Thunderers  
Echo God  
Extermination of the Stone Giants
The North Wind  
Great Head  
Cusick's Story of the Dispersion of the Great Heads
The Stone Giant's Wife  
The Stone Giant's Challenge  
Hiawatha and the Iroquois Wampum  

The Warrior Saved by Pigmies  
The Pigmies and the Greedy Hunters  
The Pigmy's Mission  

Practice of Sorcery   
The Origin of Witches and Witch Charms  
Origin of the Seneca Medicine  
A "True* Witch Story
A Case of Witchcraft.
An Incantation to Bring Rain
A Cure for All Bodily Injuries  
A Witch in the Shape of a Dog
A Man Who Assumed the Shape of a Hog  
Witch Transformations  
A Superstition About Flies  

Mythologic Explanation of Phenomena   
Origin of the Human Race  
Formation of the Turtle Clan
How the Bear Lost His Tail
Origin of Medicine  
Origin of Wampum  
Origin of Tobacco  
Origin of Plumage  
Why the Chipmunk Has the Black Stripe on His Back
Origin of the Constellations  
The Pole Star  

Boy Rescued by a Bear
Infant Nursed by Bears
The Man and His Step-son
The Boy and His Grandmother
The Dead Hunter
A Hunter's Adventures
The Old Man's Lesson to His Nephew
The Hunter and His Faithless Wife
The Charmed Suit
The Boy and the Corn
The Lad and the Chestnuts
The Guilty Hunters
Mrs. Logan's Story
The Hunter and His Dead Wife
A Sure Revenge
Traveler's Jokes
Kingfisher and His Nephew
The Wild-cat and the White Rabbit

New Year's Festival
Tapping the Maple Trees
Planting Corn
Strawberry Festival
Green-corn Festival Gathering the Corn

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