Alexander. North American Mythology

Today's free book is The Mythology of All Races: North American by Hartley Burr Alexander. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at  Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Chapter I. The Far North 
I Norseman and Skraeling
II The Eskimo's World
III The World-Powers
IV The World's Regions
V The Beginnings
VI Life and Death

Chapter II. The Forest Tribes  
I The Forest Region
II Priest and Pagan
III The Manitos
IV The Great Spirit
V The Frame of the World
VI The Powers Above
VII The Powers Below
VIII The Elders of the Kinds

Chapter III. The Forest Tribes (continued)  
I Iroquoian Cosmogony
II Algonquian Cosmogony
III The Deluge
IV The Slaying of the Dragon
V The Theft of Fire
VI Sun-Myths
VII The Village of Souls
VIII Hiawatha

Chapter IV. The Gulf Region  
I Tribes and Lands
II Sun-Worship
III The New Maize
IV Cosmogonies
V Animal Stories
VI Tricksters and Wonder-Folk
VII Mythic History

Chapter V. The Great Plains  
I The Tribal Stocks
II An Athapascan Pantheon
III The Great Gods of the Plains
IV The Life of the World
V "Medicine"
VI Father Sun
VII Mother Earth and Daughter Corn
VIII The Morning Star
IX The Gods of the Elements

Chapter VI. The Great Plains (continued)  
I Athapascan Cosmogonies
II Siouan Cosmogonies
III Caddoan Cosmogonies
IV The Son of the Sun
V The Mystery of Death
VI Prophets and Wonder-Workers
VII Migration-Legends and Year-Counts

Chapter VII. Mountain and Desert  
I The Great Divide
II The Gods of the Mountains
III The World and its Denizens
IV Shahaptian and Shoshonean World-Shapers
V Coyote
VI Spirits, Ghosts, and Bogies
VII Prophets and the Ghost-Dance

Chapter VIII. Mountain and Desert (continued) 
I The Navaho and their Gods
II The Navaho Genesis
III The Creation of the Sun
IV Navaho Ritual Myths
V Apache and Piman Mythology
VI Yuman Mythology

Chapter IX. The Pueblo Dwellers  
I The Pueblos
II Pueblo Cosmology
III Gods and Katcinas
IV The Calendar
V The Great Rites and their Myths
VI Sia and Hopi Cosmogonies
VII Zufii Cosmogony

Chapter X. The Pacific Coast, West  
I The California-Oregon Tribes
II Religion and Ceremonies
III The Creator
IV Cataclysms
V The First People
VI Fire and Light
VII Death and the Ghost-World

Chapter XI. The Pacific Coast, North  
I Peoples of the North-West Coast
II Totemism and Totemic Spirits
III Secret Societies and their Tutelaries
IV The World and its Rulers
V The Sun and the Moon
VI The Raven Cycle
VII Souls and their Powers

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