Swynnerton. Romantic Tales from the Panjab

Today's free book is Romantic Tales from the Panjab by Charles Swynnerton with illustrations by Indian artists. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

This book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. The names of the illustrators are not given; I've made a Flickr collection.

You can also find this book published together with Indian Nights' Entertainment in a single volume (link is to the Hathi Trust edition online).

The Love Story of Hir and Ranjha
Adventures of Ahmed (Gul Badshah)
The Rasalu Legend
Adventures of Nek Bakht
The Love Story of Mirza and Sahibanh
The Story of Puran Bhagat
Shorter Stories:
Of the Weaver Who Missed the Mare He Was Riding
Of the Blind Fakir and the Gold Mohars
Of the Crafty Fakir and the Foolish King
Of the Pathan who Wanted His Ass Made a Man
A Jungle Tale
A Story of a Ruby

For details about the stories of Raja Rasalu in particular, see the table of contents for Swynnerton's book The Adventures of the Punjab Hero Raja Rasalu.

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