Swynnerton. Raja Rasalu

Today's free book is The Adventures of the Punjab Hero Raja Rasalu by Charles Swynnerton. You can find out more about this book in the Raja Rasalu unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

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The book is available at Internet ArchiveGoogle Books, and Hathi Books.

Rasalu's Early Life. Raja Sulwan and his two queens. The fate of PUran Bhagat, Rasalu's elder brother. His prophecy. Rasalu's birth and boyhood. His release from duress. His mischievous pranks and consequent banishment. His mother's lament.

Rasalu's First Triumphs. His visit to Gujerat. His expedition against the Princess of Jhilam. His adventure with the hermit of Tillah. The hermit's prophecy.

Rasalu's Return from Exile. His visit to Mecca. His reception by the Hazrat. He becomes a Muhammadan. News from Sialkot. The fallen walls, and the human sacrifice. Zabero's appeal to the Hazrat. Invasion of Sialkot. Capture of the city. Death of Sulwan and Rasalu's succession.

Rasalu sets out for the Dekkan. His arrival in the forest and meeting with Mirshikari. Mirshikari becomes his pupil. Rasalu's conditions. Mirshikari and his queen. He violates his promises. The fate of the Buck and the Doe. The death of Mirshikari. Rasalu and Mirshikari's wife. He is accused of murder, and acquitted. The burial and epitaph of Mirshikari.

Raja Rasalu and the Swans. Rasalu arrives at a city. He shoots an arrow thirty miles high. The two crows. Their visit to the sky, and return. They shelter in a swan's nest. The male crow's deceit. Raja Bhoj's judgment. Rasalu and the jackal. Rasalu and Bhoj. The jackal's subtlety. Raja Bhoj's admission. Recall of the swans and the crows. Rasalu's wisdom.

Raja Rasalu and Raja Bhoj. Rasalu prolongs his visit. His departure. Bhoj accompanies him. Their conversation. Their adventure in the garden of Rani Sobhan. They encamp under some mango trees. Arrival of Raja Hom. His verses. Rasalu's wisdom. Parting of the two friends, Rasalu and Bhoj.

Raja Rasalu and the Giants of Gandgarh. Rasalu's vision. He sets out on the adventure. THe dispeopled city, and the old woman. The woman's distress. The giants' tribute. Rasalu and the woman's son. Rasalu and Thirra. Flight of Thirra and Bhiun. His encounter with the other giants. His adventure with the giantess. Fate of the chief, Baikalbath, and of Bhiun and Thirra. Thirra's lament. His imprisonment under Mount Gandgarh. The bellowing of Gandgarh. Rasalu's arrows.

Rasalu's Adventure with Tilliar, The Snake, and Kag, the Raven. Rasalu saves a hedgehog from drowning. He takes it with him. He arrives at a deserted place. The four watches. The hedgehog falls into the pool. The king's life is imperiled. The hedgehog's contest with the raven and the snake. His double victory. Rasalu awakes. His gratitude. The hedgehog's advice. The friends part.

Raja Rasalu and Raja Sirikap. Rasalu and Sirisuk. Sirisuk wakes and speaks. His warnings and his counsel. Rasalu continues his journey. The weaver and his cat. The two village-boys. The old soldier and the goat. Rasalu's arrival at Sirikot. Sirikap's magic storms. Rasalu and the castle-gong. Rasalu and Princess Jhudhal. Meeting of the Kings. Their engimas. Their play. Rasalu's losses. Rasalu's cat and Sirikop's rats, Sirikap's final defeat. His flight and recapture. The birth of the Princess Koklan. The magicians. The end of Sirikap. Rasalu's departure with Koklan.

The Treason of Queen Koklan. Rasalu settles at Kherimurti. Childhood of Koklan. Death of the nurse. Rasalu's pursuits. Rani Koklan accompanies Rasalu to the chase. Their adventures. Hira Haran the Blue Buck, his disgrace and his revenge. Bold-head and One-eye. Raja Hodi comes to Kherimurti. His amour with Koklan. The parrot and the mina. Hodi quits the palace in alarm. The disconsolate queen. Hodi's adventure with the washerman and his wife. His arrival at Attack.

The Fate of Rani Koklan. The fugitive parrot resumes his search. He finds his master in Hazara, and betrays the queen. Rasalu and his horse. His arrival. home. He despatches Shadi to Raja Hodi. The stratagem. Hodi comes to Kherimurti. The duel. Hodi's death. Rasalu and Koklan. The evidences of guilt. The gradually unfolding catastrophe. The end of Rani Koklan.

The Death of Rasalu. Rasalu recovers the bodies. He carries them down to the river. His adventure with the washerman and his wife. The washerman's story. The king befriends the washerman. His grief and failing powers. The wise women of Attak. Raja Hodi's brothers. The invasion of Kherimurti. The washerman's message and the prophecy. Siege of Kherimurti. Rasalu's curse. The battle. Rasalu's death.

Short Household Tales
The Weaver and the Prophecy
The Three Weavers
The Weaver and the Watermelon
The Weaver Girl
The Two Weavers and the Grasshopper
The Old Weaver and the Camel's Footprints
Griba, the Weaver
The Silversmith and His Mother's Bangle
The Pathan and the Plums
The Pathan and the Ass
The Banevr Man and the Mill
The Two Simple Baneyris
The Widow of Baner
The Baneyr Man and the Boat
The Baneyri and His Drowned Wife
The Baneyri and His Poor Kinsman
The Philosophical Baneyri
The Baneyri and His Mother
The Man and the Bear
The Miser and the Grain of Wheat
The Miser and the Pice
The Two Misers
The Elephant and His Keeper
The Gardener's Wife, the Potter's Wife, and the Camel
The Mule and the Traveller
The Black Bee and the Black Beetle
The Tiger and the Cat
The Tiger and the Hare
The Dog and the Cock
The Jackal and the Voice of Fame
The Painted Jackal
The Jackal and the Ewe-Sheep
The Jackal and the Fleas
The False Witness
The Four Associates
The Crow and its Young
The Frog and the Farrier
The Frog and the Buffalo
The Frog and Kashmir
The Camel and the Rat
The Famous Saint and the Pilgrim
The Thief and the Poor Man
The King and his Daughters
The Farmer, His Wife, and the Open Door
The Traveller and His Camel

Appendix: The Punjabi verses which occur in Sharap's version of Rasalu.

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