Tawney. Treasury of Stories

Today's free book is The Kathakosha, or, Treasury of Stories, translated from the Sanskrit by C. H. Tawney. This is a Jain collection of folktales.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Story concerning the Worship of the Jina
Story of Devapala
Story of the Two Hermits that brought down a Deluge
Story of the Hermit and the Carter
Story of Ashokadatta and his Sons Shripati
Story of Devadharma and Devasharman
Story of Samriddhidatta and Shripati in a Former Birth
Story of the Brahman Vasudeva
Story of Prince Yashobhadra
Story of Madanarekha and her Son Nami
Story of Nagadatta
Story of Prince Sanatkumara
The Previous Births of Sanatkumara and the Yaksha
Story of Prince Amarachandra
Story of the Couple of Parrots
Story of King Sura and his Wife, Shrutimati
Story of the Ploughman who became a King
Story of Dipashikha
Story of Kuruchandra and his Friends
Story of Kuruchandra in a Former Birth
How Vasantadeva and Kamapala obtained their Wives
Story of the Fortunate Youth Dhanya
Story of Aramashobha and the Grateful Snake
Story of Aramashobha in a Former Life
Story of Bishidatta
Story of King Harishena, who became a Hermit
Story of Rishidatta in her Previous Births
Story of Metarya
Story of Batnashikha
Story of Prince Virangada and his Friend Sumitra
Story of the Hypocritical Ascetic and the Two Maidens
Story of Amaradatta and Mitrananda
Story of the Wise Minister Jnanagarbha
Story of Lalitanga
Story of the Parrot that brought the Fruit of Immortality
Story of Damannaka, who was first born as a Fisherman
Story of Kiilavalaka, the Hermit, who proved unfaithful
Previous History of Kiilavalaka
Story of Kanakaratha
Story of King Bharata and his Brother, King Bahubali
Story of Nala and Davadanti

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