Shastri. Triumph of Valmiki

Today's free book is The Triumph of Valmiki by Hara Prasad Shastri, translated from Bengali by Ranjaniranjan Sen. The Bengali original, Valmikir Jaya, appeared in 1882. This is a really intriguing experimental novel about Valmiki, and it includes Valmiki's role as the composer of the Ramayana.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

Part 1.
1. The Himalayas
2. The Ribhus
3. The Three Great Ones
4. The Song of Brotherhood.
5. After the Song
6. The Ribhus Depart
7. Cogitations
8. After-effects

Part II.
1. The Two Meet
2. The Hermitage
3. The Defeat

Part III.
1. The Austerities
2. Viswamitra's Vision
3. The Council of the Rishis.

Part IV.
1. In Quest of Materials
2. The New Light
3. The New Creation
4. The New Earth
5. The New Man
6. The Birth of Poesy

Part V.
1. The Old Earth
2. Peace on Earth

Part VI.
1. The Flying City
2. The End of the New Creation
3. Viswamitra Falls

Part VII.
1. The Sacrifice
2. Unconscious Musings
3. The Triumph of Valmiki

Part VIII.
1. The Conception of the Ramayana
2. The Advent of the Lord
3. The Songs of the Ramayana
4. The Ascension
5. The Seven Rishis
6. Viswamitra
7. Heaven Declined
8. The Universe-body

I. The Satya and the Treta Yugas
II. The Virata Murti

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