Wollaston. Tales within Tales

Today's free book is Tales within Tales adapted from the Fables of Pilpai by Arthur N. Wollaston. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

The Merchant and his Three Sons
The Monarch and his Two Sons
The Young Crow who was fed by a Hawk
The Prodigal Mouse
The Monkey who tried to imitate the Carpenter
The Two Travellers
The Fox and the Drum
The Devotee and the Thief
The Sparrow and the Hawk
The Tyrant who became a Just King
The Crow and the Snake
The Heron and the Crab
The Hare and the Fox
The Hare and the Lion
The Three Fish
The Scorpion and the Tortoise
The Goose and the Moon
The Hawk-and the Domestic Fowl
The Rustic and the Nightingale
The Hunter and the Fox
The Wolf, the Crow, the Jackal, and the Lion
The Spirit of the Ocean and the Water-Fowl
The Tortoise and the Geese
The Birds and the Apes
The Two Companions who found a Purse of Gold
The Frog, the Snake, and the Weasel
The Lion and the Bear
The Merchant, the Mouse, and the Sparrow-Hawk
The Fox and the Fowls
The Ass and his Tail
The King's Attendant who disclosed a Secret
The Recluse who assumed the Reins of Government
The Blind Man and the Whip
The Enlightened-minded Saint and the Devotee
The Three Envious Persons
The Ignorant Doctor and the King's Daughter
The Treacherous Falconer and the Parrots
The Crow and his Friends
The Partridge and the Hawk
The Camel Driver, the Snake, and the Fox
The Woman and the Seeds
The Wolf and the Bow-string
The Greedy Cat and the Pigeons
The Owls and the Crows
The King and His Minister
The Dispute between the Owls and the Crows
The Hare and the Moon
The Partridge, the Quail, and the Cat
The Judge who mistrusted his own Capacity
The Robbers and the Devotee
The Merchant's Wife and the Thief
The Thief, the Demon, and the Devotee
The Patriotic Ape
The Mouse who became a Girl
The Snake and the Frog
The Sparrows and the Snake
The Tortoise and the Ape
The Ape who acted as Sentinel for a King
The Fox and the Lion
The Devotee and the Weasel
The Holy Man who built Castles in the Air
The King who killed his favourite Hawk
The Mouse who refused to make Friends with the Cat
The Rustic and his Wife
The Mouse and the Frog
The King and the Lark
The Thieves and the Cranes
The Old Woman and the Angel of Death
The Minstrel and the Slave
The Invalid and his Medicine
The King and his Rebel Subject
Hie Devotee and the Wolf
The Arab and the Baker
The Lion and the Jackal
The Flies and the Honey
The King and his Slave -
The Envious Man who ordered his Slave to kill him
The King and his Chamberlain
The Lion and the Archer
The Tyrant and the Sellers of Wood
The Boar and the Ape
The Hebrew-speaking Devotee and his Ambitious Guest
The Crane who tried to imitate the Hawk
The Man with Two Wives
The Hunter and the Students
The Crow who endeavoured to imitate the Strut of the Partridge
The King and his Dreams
Solomon and the Heron
The King and the Three Letters
The Hasty and Inconsiderate Pigeon and his Mate
The Goldsmith and the Traveller
The Prince and the Shoemaker
The Royal Exile from his Father's Kingdom
The Rustic and his Money
The Old Man and the Box of Jewels

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