Harris. The Fables of Pilpay

Today's free book is The Fables of Pilpay. No author or translator's name is given, but the book appears to be based on Joseph Harris's English translation of the French version by Gilbert Gaulmin. The illustrations are by Thomas Scott.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book is available at the Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The illustrations are by Thomas Scott, and I've made a Flickr collection.

The Story of Dabschelim and Pilpay
The travelling Pigeon
The Falcon and the Raven
The greedy and ambitious Cat
The poor Man who became a great King
The Leopard and the Lion
The Merchant and his Children
The King and his two Sons
The Dervish, the Falcon, and the Raven
The Countryman and several Rats
The Carpenter and the Ape
The two Travellers, and the Lion carved in Stone
The Fox and the Hen
The Sparrow and the Sparrow-hawk
The King who from a savage Tyrant, became benign and just
A Raven, a Fox, and a Serpent
The Crane and the Craw-fish
The Rabbit, the Fox, and the Wolf
The Lion and the Rabbit
The two Fishermen and the three Fishes
The Scorpion and the Tortoise
The Falcon and the Hen
The Nightingale and the Countryman
The Hunter, the Fox, and the Leopard
The Wolf, the Fox, the Raven, and the Camel
The Angel Ruler of the Sea, and two Birds, called Gerandi
The Tortoise and two Ducks
Two young Merchants, the one crafty, and the other without Deceit
The Frog, the Craw-fish, and the Serpent
The Gardener and the Bear
The Merchant and his Friend
The Fox, the Wolf, and the Raven
The Ass and the Gardener
The Prince and his Minister
A Hermit who quitted the Desert to live at Court
The blind Man who travelled with one of his Friends
A religious Doctor and a Dervish
Three envious Persons that found Money
The ignorant Physician
The Raven, the Rat, and the Pigeons
The Partridge and the Falcon
The Man and the Adder
The Adventures of Zirac
A Husband and his Wife
The Hunter and the Wolf
The ravenous Cat
The two Friends
The Ravens and the Owls
The Origin of the Hatred between the Ravens and the Owls
The Elephants and the Rabbits
The Cat and the two Birds
The Dervish and the four Robbers
The Merchant, his Wife, and the Robber
The Dervish, the Thief, and the Devil
The Monkeys and the Bears
The Mouse that was changed into a little Girl
The Serpent and the Frogs

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