Mukharji. Indian Folklore

Today's free book is Indian Folklore by Ram Satya Mukharji. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust and Google Books.
  1. How Darraf Khan Became a Hindu: page image
  2. The Hermit who Failed in His Duties: page image
  3. A Doomed Convict: page image
  4. Gandharva Sen Margaya: page image
  5. Faith: page image
  6. The Brahman and His Idols: page image
  7. The Fish-Wife's Stone Weight: page image
  8. Narad's Discomfiture: page image
  9. King Vikramaditya and the Two Skulls: page image
  10. What is it to be a Nokar? page image
  11. The Four Merchants and Their Cat: page image
  12. How a Lover Was Saved: page image
  13. A Magheya Dom of Bihar: page image
  14. A Plague Story: page image
  15. The Kayastha and His Parrot Feather: page image
  16. Many a Slip Between the Cup and the Lip: page image
  17. How To Die? page image
  18. The Dervish and His Recipe: page image
  19. The Wounded Badsha: page image
  20. The Two Rival Chieftains: page image
  21. The Pandit and the Goldsmith: page image
  22. The Signet-Ring: page image
  23. The Fate: page image
  24. The Barber and the Ghost: page image
  25. Narayan Outwitted: page image
  26. The King and the Jackal: page image
  27. King Vikramaditya and the God Sani: page image
  28. The Bidhata Outwitted: page image
  29. The Crane and the Crow as Ministers to the Lion: page image
  30. The Two Friends: page image
  31. A King is Not the Creature of Mere Chance: page image

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