McNair-Barlow. Oral Tradition from the Indus

Today's free book is Oral Tradition from the Indus by J.F.A. McNair and T. L. Barlow. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Google Books.

  1. The Guru and His Greedy Disciple: page image
  2. The Donkey-Man and the Precious Stone: page image
  3. The Fakir and the Bhands: page image
  4. The Miserly Moslem Priest and His Wife: page image
  5. The King's Son, His Friend, and The Fakir: page image
  6. Secundur Zulf-Kur-Nain: page image
  7. The Farmer, The Crocodile, and The Jackal: page image
  8. Faith Opposed to Magic: page image
  9. The Fakir and His Quarrelsome Wife: page image
  10. The Farmer and the Revenue Sowar: page image
  11. Multan as Hot as Fire: page image
  12. Shaitan and His Savage Wife : page image
  13. Sakhi, The Generous Moslem: page image
  14. The Priest, The Washerman, and The Ass: page image
  15. Akbar and His Minister: page image
  16. The Rajah, His Minister, and The Shepherd: page image
  17. The Banjara, His Dog, and The Banker: page image
  18. How an Evil Spirit was Exorcised: page image
  19. Bahadur Singh and the Blind Beggar: page image

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