Pantulu. Folklore of the Telugus

Today's free book is Folklore of the Telugus by G.R. Subramiah Pantulu. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. You can read about the Telugu people of southern India at Wikipedia.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

  1. An Unseasonable Advice
  2. The King and the Wrestler
  3. The Old Woman, The Cock, and The Chafing Dish
  4. The Deaf Friend
  5. The Sagacious Minister
  6. The Lion and the Jackal
  7. Dream Consciousness
  8. The Inevitabiity of the Law of Karma
  9. The Washerman Minister
  10. The Brahmin and His Two Sons
  11. Durbuddhi and Subuddhi
  12. Concentration
  13. Enquire before you Entrust
  14. The Washerman of Benares
  15. To Escape Scot-Free
  16. Truth Will Come to Light
  17. The Brahman and His Two Wives
  18. Vanity of Human Wishes
  19. The Mussalman and the Robber
  20. The Swan and the Crow
  21. Castle-Building
  22. The Path to Fame
  23. Injustice as a Result of Ignorance
  24. Child is Father of the Man
  25. The Boy and the Thief
  26. Ingratitude
  27. Keep to Your Promise
  28. Pre-Ordinance
  29. Duped by the Majority
  30. Cheats Will Surely Be Cheated
  31. The Tiger and its Council
  32. A Wise Counsel
  33. The Talisman
  34. The Crane and the Fish
  35. The Hare and the Elephants
  36. An Honest Servant
  37. The Three Fish
  38. The Crane and the Swan
  39. King Sibi
  40. The King and the Giant
  41. The Acquisition of Friends
  42. The Cat and the Mouse

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