Belvalkar. Bhavabhuti's Uttara-Rama-charita

Today's free book is Rama's later history, or, Uttara-Rama-charita by Bhavabhuti, translated by Shripad Krishna Belvalkar. The book also contains a long introduction with background information about Bhavabhuti in general and about this play in particular.

For the table of contents and cast of characters, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Acts I-VII:
The Picture-Gallery
Dandaka Revisited
The Shadow
Kaushalya and Janaka
Princes in Combat
Princes Recognized

Dramatis personae:
Rama, King in Ayodhya
Ashtavaktra, a Brahman messenger
Durmuhkha, a state spy
An aged chamberlain
A female warder
Shambuka, a Shudra ascetic killed by Rama
Kaushalya, Rama's mother
Grishti, a chamberlain
Sita, Rama's wife
Janaka, Sita's father
Arundhati, wife of the sage Vashishtha
Kusha and Lava, twin sons of Rama and Sita
Valmiki, foster father of the twins
Lakshmana, Rama's half-brother
Chandraketu, son of Lakshmana
Sumantra, Chandraketu's charioteer
A man from Chandraketu's army

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