Kingscote-Sastri. Tales of the Sun

Today's free book is Tales of the Sun, or Folklore of Southern India by Georgiana Kingscote and Natesa Sastri. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The author of this book is sometimes listed as: Mrs. Howard Kingscote, and she also published under the pseudonym Lucas Cleeve and lived in Bangalore. There is also an earlier edition of the book credited to Sastri only: Folklore in Southern India by Pandit S.M. Natesa Sastri.

This book is available at Project Gutenberg, and also at Internet ArchiveHathi TrustGoogle Books, and as a free Kindle ebook.

Table of Contents:
  1. The Three Deaf Men: text
  2. Why Brahmans cannot eat in the Dark: text
  3. The Soothsayer's Son: text
  4. Ranavirasing: text
  5. Charity alone Conquers: text
  6. Mr. Won't Give and Mr. Won't Leave: text
  7. Mr. Mighty-of-his-Mouth: text
  8. The Mother-in-Law Became an Ass: text
  9. The Story of Appayya: text
  10. The Brahmin Girl that Married a Tiger: text
  11. The Good Husband and the Bad Wife: text
  12. The Good Wife and the Bad Husband: text
  13. The Lost Camel: text
  14. The Three Calamities: text
  15. The Honest but Rash Hunter: text
  16. The Brahman's Wife and the Mungoose: text
  17. The Faithless Wife and the Ungrateful Blind Man: text
  18. The Wonderful Mango Fruit: text
  19. The Poisoned Food: text
  20. Eating up the Protector: text
  21. The Monkey with the Tom-Tom: text
  22. Pride Goeth Before a Fall: text
  23. Good will grow out of Good: text
  24. Light makes Prosperity: text
  25. Chandralekha and the Eight Robbers: text
  26. The Conquest of Fate: text
  27. The Brahman Priest who became an Amildar: text
  28. The Gardener's Cunning Wife: text
  29. Keep it for the Beggar: text
  30. Good Luck to the Lucky One: text
  31. Retaliation: text
  32. The Beggar and the Five Muffins: text
  33. The Brahmarakshas and the Hair: text

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