Ramanujan. Oral Tales from India

Today's free book is A Flowering Tree And Other Oral Tales from India by A. K. Ramanujan (1997); it is available online as part of the University of California Press ebook initiative: link. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Table of Contents

A Story and a Song
Acacia Trees
The Adventures of a Disobedient Prince
Bride for a Dead Man
A Brother, a Sister, and a Snake
A Buffalo Without Bones
Cannibal Sister
Chain Tale
Another Chain Tale: What an Ant Can Do
The Clever Daughter-in-law
A Couple of Misers
The Dead Prince and the Talking Doll
A Dog's Daughters
A Dog's Story
Double Double
Dumma and Dummi
A Flowering Tree
Flute of Joy, Flute of Sorrow
A Jackal King
For Love of Kadabu
A Girl in a Picture
The Glass Pillar
A Golden Sparrow
The Greatest Thing
The Horse Gram Man
The Husband's Shadow
In the Kingdom of Foolishness
In Search of a Dream
King and Peasant
The Lampstand Woman
The Magician and His Disciple
A Minister's Word
Monkey Business
The Mother Who Married Her Own Son
Nagarani (“Serpent Queen”)
A Ne'er-do-well
Ninga on My Palm
Ogress Queen
An Old Couple
The Past Never Passes
A Peg and a Keg
The Pomegranate Queen
A Poor Man
The Princess of Seven Jasmines
The Prince Who Married His Own Left Half
The Rain King's Wife
Rich Man, Poor Man
A Sage's Word
The Serpent Lover
A Shepherd's Pilgrimage
Sister Crow and Sister Sparrow
Siva Plays Double
The Sparrow Who Wouldn't Die
A Sparrow With a Single Pea
Tales for a Princess
The Talking Bed
A Thief, a Ram, a Bear, and a Horse
Three Blouses
Three Magic Objects
Three Sisters Named Death, Birth, and Dream
The Three-Thousand-Rupee Sari
Thug and Master-Thug
Tree Trunk for a Boat
The Turtle Prince
A Wager
What the Milk Bird Said
Who Is the Greatest?
Why the Sky Went Up
The Worship of a Household God
A Story to End All Stories

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