Wortham. The Enchanted Parrot

Today's free book is The Enchanted Parrot: The Shuka Saptati, or, The seventy tales of a parrot, translated from the Sanskrit text by B. Hale Wortham. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

1. Mohana and Lakshmt
2. Yaiodevl and her Transmigrations
3. Prince Sudarsana and Vimala
4. The Stupid Brahman who married a Witch
5. The Queen and the Laughing Fish
6. Sumata, Jayanti, and Ganesa
7. The Brahman smd the Magic Cloak
8. The Merchant who lost his House and Property
9. The Queen and the Laughing Fish concluded
10. Devasa and his Two Wives
11. Rambhika, and her Brahman Lover
12. Sobhika and the Vakula Tree
13. The Wily Rajika
14. The Ingenious Dhanasri
15. What Sridevya did when she lost her Anklet
16. Mugdika who got the better of her Husband
17. Gunadhya, the Brahman of ready wit
19. The prudent Santika who saved her Husband's Credit
20. Kelika who deceived her Husband by pretended affection
22. Madhaka and the Camel
23. The Son of the Promise who lost all his Money
25. The Buddhist Mendicant
26. Ratnidevl and her Two Lovers
28. What Devika did when she was caught with her Lover
29. The Clever Sundari
30. Muladeva, who saved himself by his tact
31. Sasaka the Hare, and the Lion
32. Rajanl and the Bundle of Wheat
33. Rambhika and her Four Lovers
34. The Brahman, the Girl, and the Five Ears of Corn
35. Sambhaka, the Seed Merchant
36. Nayini and the Silk Dress
37. Purnapala the Ploughman and his Master's Daughter
39. The Iron Weights and Scales which were eaten by Mice
40. Subuddhi and Kubuddhi
42. The Lady Tiger Slayer
43. The Lady Tiger Slayer, continued
44. The Lady Tiger Slayer, continued
46. The Goblin and the Brahman's Wife
47. The Goblin and the Brahman's Wife, continued
48. Sakatala, the Wise Minister
50. Dharmabuddhi and Dushtabuddhi
51. The Brahman who put the Thieves to flight
52. The Adventures of Durdamana and his three Companions
54. Dharmadatta and his Minister Vishnu
55. The Cheating Brethman and the Cobbler
57. Chandralekha who fell in love with one of the King's Wise Men
59. The Stupid and Ill-tempered Rajaputra
60. Haridatta and the Jewelled Hall
61. Tejuka and the Pretended Doctor
65. The Disciple of the Ascetic and the Meat
66. The Fowler and the Pigeons
67. The Monkey and the Crocodile
68. The Brahman and the Merchant's Daughter
69. Vajika who pretended to fall into the Tank
70. The Gandharva's Daughter who was cursed by Narada

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