Brown. The Story of Buddha and Buddhism

Today's free book is The Story of Buddha and Buddhism; His Life and Sayings edited by Brian Brown. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

I. The Story of Buddha and Buddhism 

II. The Doctrine of Rebirth: Gautama Goes to the Brahmans for Wisdom The Boo-tree—Tree of Wisdom — The Sublime Height is Attained — Father and Son — Buddha Not Persecuted for His Sins

III. The Doctrine of Buddha: Samsara — The Two Extremes — Nirvana — Karma

IV. Selections from the Buddhist Scriptures: The Renunciation of the World, from Asvaghosha's Life of Buddha — Temptation of Buddha — Bodhisattva's Search — Mara and the Evil One Tempts Buddha — The Great Enlightenment

V. Buddha's Sermons to His Disciples: The First Sermon — On the Shelf — The Fire Sermon — Sermon on Moderation — Buddha and the Rich Man — Impurities of Mind — Ocean — The All — Control of the Faculties — Buddha Said to Ananda, His Disciple — Admission of Women to the Order — Identity and Non-identity — Nirvana Defined — The Two Paths — On Friendship—False — The True — Wrong Speech — Endurance of Abuse — Return Good for Evil — Samsara and Nirvana — The Only Way—(1) The Contemplation of Body — (2) The Contemplation of Feelings — (3) The Contemplation of Thought — (4) The Contemplation of Ideas — The Five Grasping Groups — The Six Spheres of Sense — The Seven actors of Wisdom — The Four Noble Truths

VI. Buddhist Beatitudes: From the Mahavagga — Ten Beatitudes and a Summary, from the Magamangala-Sutta — Nine BeatiRides, from the Dharmapada and Kindred Hymns — Blessedness for the Sacred Order, from the Maha-PannirvanaSutta, or the Book of the Great Decease — Community Individual Rules — Characteristic Temper of Virtue — Moral Exercise — Metaphysical Exercise — Fruition, Individual and Social — Beatitudes from a Buddhist Hermit's "Lion's Roar"

VII. The Dhammapada—Proverbs: The Twin Truths — Zeal — The Mind — The Fool — The Wise Man — The Arahat (Saint) — The Thousands — Vice — Punishment — Old Age — Self — The World — The Buddha — Bliss — Affection — Anger — Sin — The Righteous — Hell — The Elephant — Desire — Last Words

VIII. Buddhist Parables: Questions of Milinda on Existence — Non-individuality and Moral Responsibility — The Parable of the Ever-Smouldering Ant-hill — The Monkey and the Pitch-trap — The Blind Men and the Elephant — The Parable of the Log The Mustard Seed — The Sick Bhikshu (Monk)

IX. Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism: The Gospel of Shanti-deva — The Master of the Banquet — On Stillness — Desire and Hate — Remembrance

X. Buddhism in China: The True Disciple — Steps in Contemplation — Breathing for Contemplation — Contemplation — Steps in the Growth of Wisdom — The Ten Attainments

XI. Buddhist Psalms: Japanese Buddhism, Lauding the Infinite One — Of Paradise — The Divine Promise — Concerning Belief and Doubt

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