Bompas. Folklore of the Santal Parganas.

Today's free book is Folklore of the Santal Parganas by Cecil Henry Bompas (1909). You can find out more about this book in the Santal Folklore unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Available at: Project GutenbergInternet Archive, and Hathi Books. There is also a free Kindle ebook, and the first part of the book is available as a free audiobook from LibriVox.

Table of Contents

  1. Bajun and Jhore
  2. Anuwa and His Mother
  3. Ledha and the Leopard
  4. The Cruel Stepmother
  5. Karmu and Dharmu
  6. The Jealous Stepmother
  7. The Pious Woman
  8. The Wise Daughter-in-Law
  9. The Oilman and His Sons
  10. The Girl Who Found Helpers
  11. How to Grow Rich
  12. The Changed Calf
  13. The Koeri and the Barber
  14. The Prince Who Acquired Wisdom
  15. The Monkey Boy
  16. The Miser's Servant
  17. Kuwar and the Raja's Daughter
  18. The Laughing Fish
  19. How the Cowherd Found a Bride
  20. Kara and Guja
  21. The Magic Cow
  22. Lita and His Animals
  23. The Boy Who Found His Father
  24. The Oilman's Bullock
  25. How Sabai Grass Grew
  26. The Merchant's Son and the Raja's Daughter
  27. The Flycatcher's Egg
  28. The Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten
  29. Sahde Goala
  30. The Raja's Son and the Merchant's Son
  31. The Poor Widow
  32. The Monkey and the Girl
  33. Ramai and the Animals
  34. The Magic Bedstead
  35. The Ghormuhas
  36. The Boy Who Learnt Magic
  37. The Charitable Jogi
  38. Chote and Mote
  39. The Daydreamer
  40. The Extortionate Sentry
  41. The Broken Friendship
  42. A Story Told By a Hindoo
  43. The Raibar and the Leopard
  44. The Ungrateful Snake
  45. The Tiger's Bride
  46. The Killing of the Tiger
  47. The Dream
  48. The King of the Bhuyans
  49. The Foolish Sons
  50. Kora and His Sister
  51. A Story on Caste
  52. Tipi and Tepa
  53. The Child With the Ears of the Ox
  54. The Child Who Knew His Father
  55. Jogeshwar's Marriage
  56. The Strong Man
  57. The Raja's Advice
  58. The Four Jogis
  59. The Charitable Raja
  60. A Variant.—The Wandering Raja
  61. The Two Wives
  62. Spanling and His Uncles
  63. The Silent Wife
  64. The Dumb Shepherd
  65. The Good Daughter-in-Law
  66. The Raja's Dream
  67. The Mongoose Boy
  68. The Stolen Treasure
  69. Dukhu and His Bonga Wife
  70. The Monkey Husband
  71. Lakhan and the Wild Buffaloes
  72. The Boy with the Stag
  73. The Seven Brothers and the Bonga Girl
  74. The Tiger's Foster Child
  75. The Caterpillar Boy
  76. The Monkey Nursemaid
  77. The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret
  78. Sit and Lakhan
  79. The Raja Who went to Heaven
  80. Seven Tricks and Single Trick
  81. Fuljhari Raja
  82. The Corpse of the Raja's Son
  83. The Sham Child
  84. The Sons of the Kherohuri Raja
  85. The Dog Bride
  86. Wealth or Wisdom
  87. A Goala and the Cow
  88. The Telltale Wife
  89. The Bridegroom Who Spoke in Riddles
  90. The Lazy Man
  91. Another Lazy Man
  92. The Widow's Son
  93. The Boy Who Was Changed Into a Dog
  94. Birluri and Birbanta
  95. The Killing of the Rakhas
  96. The Children of the Vultures
  97. The Ferryman
  98. Catching a Thief
  99. The Grasping Raja
  100. The Prince Who Would Not Marry
  101. The Prince Who Found Two Wives
  102. The Unfaithful Wife
  103. The Industrious Bride
  104. The Boy and His Fate
  105. The Messengers of Death
  106. The Speaking Crab
  107. The Leopard Outwitted
  108. The Wind and the Sun
  109. The Coldest Season
  110. The Jackal and the Crow
  111. The Tiger Cub and the Calf
  112. The Jackal and the Chickens
  113. The Jackal Punished
  114. The Tigers and the Cat
  115. The Elephants and the Ants
  116. A Fox and His Wife
  117. The Jackal and the Crocodiles
  118. The Bullfrog and the Crab
  119. The Hyena Outwitted
  120. The Crow and the Egret
  121. The Jackal and the Hare
  122. The Brave Jackal
  123. The Jackal and the Leopards
  124. The Fool and His Dinner
  125. The Stingy Daughter
  126. The Backwards and Forwards Dance
  127. The Deaf Family
  128. The Father-in-Law's Visit
  129. Ramai and Somai
  130. The Two Brothers
  131. The Three Fools
  132. The Cure For Laziness
  133. The Brahmin's Powers
  134. Ram's Wife
  135. Palo
  136. The Women's Sacrifice
  137. The Thief's Son
  138. The Divorce
  139. The Father and the Father-in-Law
  140. The Reproof
  141. Enigmas
  142. The Too Particular Wife
  143. The Paharia Socialists
  144. How A Tiger Was Killed
  145. The Goala's Daughter
  146. The Brahmin's Clothes
  147. The Winning of the Bride
  148. Marriage With Bongas
  149. The Bonga Headman
  150. Lakhan and the Bonga
  151. The House Bonga
  152. The Sarsagun-Maiden
  153. The Schoolboy and the Bonga
  154. The Bonga's Cave
  155. The Bonga's Victim
  156. Baijal and the Bonga
  157. Ramai and the Bonga
  158. The Boundary Bonga
  159. The Bonga Exorcised
  160. The Beginning of Things
  161. Chando and His Wife
  162. The Sikhar Raja
  163. The Origin of Tobacco
  164. The Transmigration of Souls
  165. The Next World
  166. After Death
  167. Hares and Men
  168. A Legend
  169. Pregnant Women
  170. The Influence of the Moon
  171. Illegitimate Children
  172. The Dead
  173. A Hunting Custom
  174. Witchcraft
  175. Of Dains and Ojhas
  176. Initiation Into Witchcraft
  177. Witch Craft
  178. Witch Stories
  179. Witch Stories
  180. Witch Stories
  181. The Two Witches
  182. The Sister-in-Law Who Was a Witch
  183. Ramjit Bonga
  184. The Herd Boy and the Witches
  185. The Man-Tiger
  186. The River Snake.
  187. The Sons of the Tigress.
  188. The Tiger's Marriage.
  189. The Jackal and His Neighbours.
  190. The Jackal and the Tigers.
  191. The Wild Buffaloes.
  192. The Grateful Cow.
  193. The Belbati Princess.
  194. The Bread Tree.
  195. The Origin of _Sabai_ Grass
  196. The Faithless Sister.
  197. The Cruel Sisters-in-Law.
  198. The False Rani.
  199. The Jackal and the Kite.
  200. The Sons of the Raban Raja.
  201. The Potter's Son.
  202. The Wonderful Cowherd.
  203. The Strong Prince.
  204. The Prince Who Became King of the Jackals.
  205. The Mongoose Boy.
  206. The Prince and the Tigress.
  207. The Cunning Potter.

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