Raju. Sixty Mandarins

Today's free book is The Tales of the Sixty Mandarins by P. V. Ramaswami Raju. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image; the links below are to the Internet Archive edition of the book.

Raju's stories are a blend of folktale and fairy tale elements, along with his own very inventive imagination. For shorter stories by this same author, see his book of Indian Fables.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Internet Archive.

The Black Chinaman and His Junk
The Giant Tabalan and the Boy Tuck
Miser Mywung and the Bag of Blue Velvet
The Usurer of Ecbatana
The Fairy Periwinkle of Tonquin
The Self-Sufficient Saint
The Righteous Regicide
The Story of Little Tullima and the Sunbeam
The Boy Bahadur and the Magic Club
The Basket in the Stream
The Queer Gladiator
The City That had Seven Gates to It
The Giant Jimlac and the Philosopher Nee Wang
The Boa-Constrictor and His Wife
How the Milkmaid Maralana Boiled the Dragon to Death
The History of Sultan Dinwar Mandeel
The Virgin from Velayet
The Story of the Aerial Musician
The Sultan and the Genius of Adversity
The Famous Book of Alchymy
The Ocean of Milk
The babies of Bahlistan
The Story of the Surly Farmer and the Boy Pandaram
The Turbulent Citizens of Shanghae
The Truant in a Triple Guise
The Boy Padang and the Hundred Giants
Fishing in the Streets
Kaploth Guni of Canton
The Elixir of Life
The Magic Ruby on the Head of a Serpent
The Story of the Yellow Banner
The Wonderful Pair of Spectacles
The Miser and the Mountain of God
The Princess Dirnar and the Giant Death-Sprinkle
The Story of the Giant Left-Whisker
The Hive of Happy Bees
The Miser in the Mosque
The Cat Gunduple and the Golden Mouse
Little Uzbec "I know"
The Dream of the Savage King
The Story of Talib the Ten-Eyed Youth
The Story of Sultan Bey Bey and the Giant Hum Haw
The Story of the Golden Slipper from the Invisible Castle
The Story of the Island of Allfriars
The Story of the Creeper of Lightning
The Revenge of the Royal Mendicant
The Story of Prince Ragoba and the Fair Puchandy
The Story of Vama-Vikrama, or the Cascade of Pearls
The Story of the Caliph Haroun Al-raschid and His Fool
The Story of the Boy Big Turban
The Fair Cavaliers
The Lame Sultan
Prince Jubal, The Man of Brevity
The Braying Mandarin
The Idle Man and the Elf
The Two Philosophers
The Bamboo Fiend
The Five Princes That Loved a Fairy
The Story of the Sultan of Tartary Who Had the Philosopher's Stone in His Turban
The Banquet of the Fiends

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