Friday, July 8, 2016

Stokes. Indian Fairy Tales

Today's free book is Indian Fairy Tales by Maive Stokes. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image; the links below are to the Gutenberg edition.

You can find this book online at Project GutenbergInternet ArchiveHathi Trust, and Google Books.

Phulmati Rani, or the Flower Lady
The Pomegranate King
The Cat and the Dog
The Cat Which Could Not Be Killed
The Jackal and the Kite
The Voracious Frog
The Story of Foolish Sachuli
Barber Him and the Tigers
The Bulbul and the Cotton-Tree
The Monkey Prince
Brave Hiralalbasa
The Man who Went to Seek his Fate
The Upright King
Loving Laili
How King Burtal became a Fakir
Some of the Doings of Shekh Farid
The Mouse
A Wonderful Story
The Fakir Nanaksa Saves the Merchant's Life
The Boy who had a Moon on his Forehead and a Star on his Chin
The Bel-Princess
How the Raja's Son won the Princess Labam
The Princess who loved her Father like Salt
The Demon is at last conquered by the King's Son
The Fan Prince
The Bed
Panwpatti Rani
The Clever Wife
Raja Harichand's Punishment
The King's Son and the Wazir's Daughter

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