Ralston. Tibetan Tales from Indian Sources

Today's free book is Tibetan Tales Derived from Indian Sources by Anton Schiefner, translated by W. R. S. Ralston. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

I've put this in the India category here, although it's also relevant for anyone interested in the folklore of Asia!

This book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The links below are to the Internet Archive edition:
  1. King Mandhatar: page image
  2. Kusa Jataka: page image
  3. Adarsamukha : page image
  4. The Clever Thief: page image
  5. Sudhana Avadana: page image
  6. Prince Jivaka: page image
  7. Visakha: page image
  8. Mahaushadha and Visakha: page image
  9. Mahakasyapa and Bhadra: page image
  10. Utpalavarna: page image
  11. Krisa Gautami: page image
  12. Susroni: page image
  13. The Overreached Actor: page image
  14. The Dumb Cripple: page image
  15. Rishyasringa: page image
  16. Visvantara: page image
  17. The Fulfilled Prophecy: page image
  18. The Two Brothers: page image
  19. The Punishment of Avarice: page image
  20. The Magician's Pupil: page image
  21. How a Woman Repays Love: page image
  22. The Flight of the Beasts: page image
  23. The Five Lovers: page image
  24. The Virtuous Animals: page image
  25. The Ichneumon, the Mouse, and the Snake: page image
  26. The Grateful Animals : page image
  27. The Ungrateful Lion: page image
  28. The Tricked Elephant
  29. The Wolf and the Sheep: page image
  30. The Oxen as Witnesses: page image
  31. The Obstinate and Willing Oxen: page image
  32. The Ass as a Singer: page image
  33. The Jackal as Calumniator: page image
  34. The Two Otters and the Jackal: page image
  35. The Jackal Saves the Lion: page image
  36. The Blue Jackal: page image
  37. The Jackal Hanged by the Ox: page image
  38. The Jackal in the Elephant's Traces: page image
  39. The Guilty Dogs: page image
  40. The Hypocritical Cat: page image
  41. The Gazelle and the Hunter: page image
  42. The Monkeys Saved from Death: page image
  43. Incredulity Punished: page image
  44. The Wise and Foolish Monkey Chiefs: page image
  45. The Monkeys and the Moon: page image
  46. The Peacock as Bridegroom: page image
  47. The Crow with the Golden Cap: page image
  48. The Revengeful Crow: page image
  49. The United Pheasants : page image
  50. The Ivory Carver and the Painter: page image
  51. The Mechanician and the Painter: page image
  52. The Competition between the Two Artists: page image 

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