Rafy. Folktales of the Khasis.

Today's free book is Folktales of the Khasis by K. U. Rafy (1920). You can find out more about this book in the Khasi Folktales unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at: Project GutenbergInternet Archive, and Hathi Books. There is also a free Kindle ebook. The links below are to the Project Gutenberg edition of the book.

Table of Contents

1. What makes the Eclipse
2. The Legend of Mount Sophet Bneng
3. How the Peacock got his Beautiful Feathers
4. The Goddess who came to live with Mankind
5. The Formation of the Earth
6. U Raitong (The Khasi Orpheus)
7. The Tiger and the Monkeys
8. The Legend of the Iei Tree
9. Hunting the Stag Lapalang
10. The Goddesses Ka Ngot and Ka Iam
11. U Biskurom
12. U Thlen
13. How the Dog came to live with Man
14. The Origin of Betel and Tobacco
15. The Stag and the Snail
16. The Leap of Ka Likai
17. The Shadows on the Moon
18. U Ksuid Tynjang
19. What makes the Lightning
20. The Prohibited Food
21. The Cooing of the Doves
22. How the Colour of the Monkey became Grey
23. Ka Panshandi, the Lazy Tortoise
24. The Idiot and the Hyndet Bread
25. U Ramhah
26. How the Cat came to live with Man
27. How the Fox got his White Breast
28. How the Tiger got his Strength
29. How the Goat came to live with Man
30. How the Ox came to be the Servant of Man
31. The Lost Book
32. The Blessing of the Mendicant

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