Murdoch. Mahabharata: An English Abridgment

Today's free book is The Mahabharata: An English Abridgment by John Murdoch. You can read more about the life and career of John Murdoch, a Scottish missionary in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and India, at Wikipedia. For more about the Christian Literature Society, see this post: Christian Literature Society. Ramayana, Vishnu Purana.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

1. ADI-PARVA. First Book. An account of the origin of the poem, the genealogy of the two families, and the rivalries between them.

2. SABHA-PARVA. Assembly Book. The assembly of the princes at Hastinapura, when Yudhishthira lost his kingdom, and the Pandavas had to retire into exile.

3. VANA-PARVA. Forest Book. The life of the Pandavas in the Kamyaka forest, with the story of Nala and other episodes.

4. VIRATA-PARVA. Virata Book. The adventures of the Pandavas in the thirteenth
year of their exile, while they were in the service of King Virata.

5. UDYOGA-PARVA. Effort Book. The preparations of both sides for war.

6. BHISHMA-PARVA. An account of the battles fought while Bhishma commanded the Kaurava army, including the Bhagavad Gite.

7. DRONA-PARVA. An account of Drona’s leadership and death.

8. KARNA-PARVA. Karna‘s leadership and death.

9. SALYA-PARVA. Salya’s leadership and death; the Kurus reduced to four survivors.

10. SAUPTIKA-PARVA. Sleeping Book. The destruction or the Pandava army while asleep.

11. STRI-PARVA. The wives of the Kurus and Pandavas lament over the slain.

12. SHANTI-PARVA. Book of Consolation. A long didactic discourse by Bhislima on the morals and duties of kings.

13. ANUSASANA-PARVA. Book of Precepts. Discourses on morals, mixed up with tales and legends; Bhishma’s ascension to heaven.

14. ASWAMEDHA-PARVA. An account of the performance of the Horse Sacrifice by Yudhisthira.

15. ASHRAMAVASIKA-PARVA. Hermitage Book. A description of hermitage life.

16. MAUSALA-PARVA. The Book of Clubs. The deaths of Krishna and Balarama; the submersion of Dwaraka by the sea; and the mutual destruction of the Yadavas.

17. MAHAPRASTHANIKA-PARVA. The Book of the Great Journey. The departure of the Pandavas from Himavat on their way to Indra's heaven.

18. SWARGAROHANA-PARVA. The Book of the Ascent to Heaven. Entrance into heaven of the five brothers and their wife Draupadi.

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