Dracott. Simla Village

Today's free book is Simla Village, or, Folk Tales from the Himalayas by Alice Elizabeth Dracott. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

  1. The Owl and the Kite: text
  2. A Monkey Objects to Criticism: text
  3. The Dead Man's Ring: text
  4. The Origin of Death: text
  5. The Real Mother: text
  6. The Princess Soorthe: text
  7. The Snake's Bride: text
  8. The Power of Fate: text
  9. The Old Witch who Lived in a Forest: text
  10. Kulloo, A Faithful Dog: text
  11. The Story of Ghose: text
  12. The Vizier's Son and the Rajah's Son: text
  13. The Rajah's Son and the Vizier's Son: text
  14. Bey Huslo: text
  15. The Story of Panch Mar Khan: text
  16. The Rabbit and the Barber: text
  17. Rupa and Bisuntha: text
  18. Sheik Chilli: text
  19. Sheik Chilli: text
  20. The Monkey, the Tiger, and the Princess: text
  21. The Jackal and the Guana: text
  22. The Story of the Black Cow: text
  23. The Brahmin and the Wild Geese: text
  24. The Four-Gifted Princess: text
  25. The Man who Went to Seek His Fortune: text
  26. Three Wise Men and the King's Daughter: text
  27. Barbil's Son: text
  28. The Tiger and the Rats: text
  29. The Adventure of a Bird: text
  30. The Legend of Naldera Temple: text
  31. The Bunniah's Wife and the Thief: text
  32. Who Stole the Ruby?: text
  33. The Story of Vickramadit: text
  34. The Weaver: text
  35. The Dog who Was a Rajah: text
  36. The Fourth Wife is the Wisest: text
  37. The Story of Pir Sab: text
  38. The Origin of a River: text
  39. The Golden Scorpions: text
  40. The Story of a Pearl: text
  41. The Bunniah's Ghost: text
  42. Bickermanji the Inquisitive: text
  43. The Brahmin's Daughter: text
  44. Abul Hussain: text
  45. The Magician and the Merchant: text
  46. The Snake and the Frog: text
  47. The Barber and the Thief: text
  48. The Story of Puran: text
  49. Tabaristan: text
  50. The Painted Jackal: text
  51. The Enchanted Bird, Music, and Stream: text
  52. The Dog Temple: text
  53. The Beautiful Milkmaid: text
  54. A Remedy for Snakebite: text
  55. A Legend of Sardana: text
  56. The Story of Bunjara Tullao: text
  57. The Anar Pari, or Pomegranate Fairy: text

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