Johnstone. Raghuvamsha

Today's free book is Kalidasa's Raghuvanca, The Story of Raghu's Line, translated by P. de Lacy Johnstone. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet ArchiveHathi Trust and Google Books.

1. How King Dilipa went to Vashishtha's hermitage.

2. Nandini grants the king his desire.

3. Raghu is born; Dilipa's horse-sacrifice is stayed by Indra, with
whom Raghu fights

4. Raghu succeeds his father, and conquers the world.

5. Raghu's splendid generosity: Aja is born and, when grown to manhood, starts to woo Indumati

6. The wooing of Indumati, and her choice of Aja

7. Aja's wedding, and how he smote his treacherous rivals on his way home

8. Aja's early happiness: death of Indumati, and his lament

9. The prosperous reign of Dasharatha, and his fatal hunting

10. Vishnu, invoked by the gods, becomes incarnate as Rama to destroy the tyrant Ravana

11. Rama's triumph and marriage with Sita, and his defeat of Parashurama

12.The banishment of Rama, the carrying-away of Sita, her rescue, and Ravana's defeat and death

13. Rama's triumphant return with Sita

14. The restoration of Rama to his kingdom, and the divorce of Sita

15. The slaying of Lavana: Rama vanquishes Death; Sita bears twin sons, and at a sacrifice is restored and vanishes; the passing of Rama

16. The reign of Kusha: how he returned to Ayodhya, and wedded Kumudvati

17. The wise rule of King Atithi

18. The later kings of Raghu's race

19. Aghnivarma's voluptuous reign and death

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