Jethabhai. Indian Folklore

Today's free book is Indian Folklore by Ganeshji Jethabhai. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

  1. Turn down your mustache: text
  2. A buffalo in the bazar: text
  3. I'll dip it and eat it: text
  4. Make fifty cakes: text
  5. Dragging the well: text
  6. Who says it is a Rampi cut?: text
  7. A hundred snakes in a bush: text
  8. Sluggards who prefer death to work: text
  9. Too lazy to pick up berries: text
  10. Kankodi is cleared off by worms: text
  11. The long and short of a thing: text
  12. Liberal with other people's money: text
  13. Why did they go to Malwa?: text
  14. All the people of the town eat rice and milk: text
  15. Allah has already taken His due: text
  16. Gabha in place of Gambhu: text
  17. A fool's bolt is soon shot: text
  18. I won't add to it another grain: text
  19. Even a snake laid by may have its use: text
  20. You are not blind though the spear is: text
  21. I will have her if I can: text
  22. 150 for the beard, whereas 400 for the choti: text
  23. Plate this club with gold: text
  24. No, I am not hungry: text
  25. I give you all the buffaloes of the town: text
  26. Law licks up all: text
  27. Something, if you could but tell what: text
  28. A sequel to "something if you could but tell what:: text
  29. The dog of Hadala: text
  30. Tidings of well-being: text
  31. To do as Bhaga did: text
  32. Fool's haste is no speed: text
  33. Dhedas as arbitrators: text
  34. It is a Mia's field, not a widow's: text
  35. Putting one off does not necessarily imply refusal: text
  36. One good head is better than a hundred strong hands: text
  37. There is no going back: text
  38. Foolish boasting : text
  39. No shift and one too many: text
  40. Rejecting a bribe of a 100,000 rupees: text
  41. To strain at a gnat: text
  42. All saint without, all dvil within: text
  43. Won with a nut, lost with an apple: text
  44. A fig to the doctor when cured: text
  45. I have the misfortune to be a patidar: text
  46. The boy who bit his mother: text
  47. A wild goose chase: text
  48. Nothing venture, nothing gain: text
  49. Be a turn-coat: text
  50. The beggar is never out of his way: text
  51. Every rogue is at length out-witted: text
  52. Difference between man and man: text
  53. A cross and perverse Mia: text
  54. You are fed with ghee and molasses: text
  55. There was Rama and there was Ravana: text
  56. Avarice is the root of all evils: text
  57. Call me an ass: text
  58. All the gods will slowly disappear: text
  59. Jack would wipe his nose: text
  60. The handle of the axe: text
  61. A niche in the wall: text
  62. Sticking fast to a thing: text
  63. So got, so gone: text
  64. A boon asked by a blind man: text
  65. The Bhats of Mesana dine tomorrow: text
  66. Who is the wiser of the two?: text
  67. Waging war against the sun: text
  68. Who can spin so much cotton?: text
  69. It is your mace that commands respect: text
  70. He that shows his purse longs to be rid of it: text
  71. A learned fool: text
  72. Half the Juwar belongs to Mia: text
  73. A shepherd always dreams of open fields: text
  74. A negro thinks his own child the handsomest: text
  75. Come and stay in Malia: text
  76. Presence of mind is the best weapon: text
  77. I would die, if it were only to make you a widow: text
  78. Where shall we graze the cattle?: text
  79. To go for wool and come home shorn: text
  80. She is no gift for I have paid for her: text
  81. If the cap fits, wear it: text
  82. The greatest clerks are not always the wisest men: text
  83. A little learning is a dangerous thing: text
  84. Borrowing 5000 rupees on a single hair: text
  85. Weak threads united form a strong rope: text
  86. Vain glory blossoms but never bears: text
  87. A knife in the box: text
  88. Seeta-Harana: text
  89. Robbing the robbers: text
  90. The bania and the burglars: text
  91. A thief and the scorpion: text
  92. The invoice is still with me: text
  93. I will please you: text
  94. All for the best: text

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