Parker. Village Folktales of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Today's free book is Village Folktales of Ceylon by H. Parker. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

Volume 1

1 The Making of the Great Earth
2 The Sun, the Moon, and Great Paddy
3 The Story of Senasura
4 The Glass Princess
5 The Frog Prince
6 The Millet Trader
7 The Turtle Dove
8 The Prince and the Princess
9 Tamarind Tikka
10 Matalange Loku-Appu
11 The White Turtle
12 The Black Storks' Girl
13 The Golden Kaekiri Fruit
14 The Four Deaf Persons
15 The Prince and the Yaka
16 How a Yaka and a Man Fought
17 Concerning a Man and Two Yakas
18 The Three Questions
19 The Faithless Princess
20 The Prince who did not go to School
21 Nagul-Munna
22 The Kule-bakaFlowers
23 Kurulu-gama Appu, the soothsayer
24 How a Prince was chased by a Yaksani
25 The Wicked King .
26 The Kitul Seeds
27 The Speaking Horse
28 The Female Quail
29 The Pied Robin
30 The Jackal and the Hare
31 The Leopard and the Mouse-deer
32 The Crocodile's Wedding
33 The Gamarala's Cakes
34 The Kinnara and the Parrots
35 How a Jackal settled a Lawsuit
36 The Jackal and the Turtle
37 The Lion and the Turtle
38 The Monkey and the Weaver-Bird (Potter)
39 The Jackal Devatawa (Washerman)
40 A Kadambawa Man's Journey to Puttalam
41 The Kadambawa Men and the Hares
42 The Kadambawa Men and the Mouse-deer
43 The Kadambawa Men and the Bush
44 How the Kadambawa Men counted Themselves
45 The Kadambawa Men and the Dream
46 The Four Tom-Tom Beaters
47 The Golden Tree
48 The Seven Princesses
49 Mr. Janel Sinna
50 The Nikini Story
51 The Aet-kanda Leniya
52 The Wimali Story
53 The Pots of Oil
54 The Mouse Maiden
55 Sigiris Sinno, the Giant
56 The Proud Jackal
57 The Seven Robbers
58 The Stupid Boy
59 The Gamarala and the Washerman
60 The Two Thieves
61 The Margosa Tree
62 The Gamarala's Foolish Son
63 The Jackal's Judgment
64 The Heron and the Crab
65 The Jackal and the Brahmana
66 The Cat who guarded the Precepts
67 The Lizard and the Leopard
68 The Lion and the Jackal
69 The Roll of Cotton
70 The Jackal and the Leopard
71 How the Boars killed the Rakshasa
72 The Grateful Jackal
73 Concerning a Monk and a Yaka
74 The Three Suitors
75 The Crocodile and the Jackal

Volume 2

76 A Legend of Kandy
77 The Gamarala's Daughter
78 The Gamarala's Girl
79 How Gourds were put in Small-Mouthed Pots
80 The Royal Prince and the Carpenter's Son
81 Concerning a Royal Prince and a Princess
82 The Princes who Learnt the Sciences
83 The Story of Kalundawa
84 How the Poor Prince became King
85 How the Gardener became King
86 How the Foolish Man became King
87 The Foolish Man
88 The Story of Marirala
89 The Invisible Silk Robe
90 The Foolish Youth
91 The Story of the Seven Thieves
92 The King who became a Thief
93 The Female Fowl Thief
94 Gampolaya and Raehigamaya
95 The Story of the Two Liars
96 The Three Hettiyas
97 Concerning Two Friends
98 Concerning Four Friends
99 Concerning a Horse
100 The Story of the Pearl Necklace
101 The Widow Woman and Loku-Appuhami
102 The Decoction of Eight Nelli Fruits
103 The Prince and Princess and Two Devatawas
104 Concerning the Prince and the Princess who was Sold
105 The Princess Hettirala
106 The Maehiyalle-gama Princess
107 The Wicked Princess
108 Holman Pissa
109 Concerning a Vaedda and a Bride
110 A Story about a Vaedda
111 The Story of the Four Giants
112 The Story about a Giant
113 Hithami the Giant
114 The New Speech
115 The Master and Servant
116 How the Son-in-Law Cut the Chena
117 A Girl and a Stepmother
118 The Wicked Elder Brother
119 Nahakota's Wedding Feast
120 How a Man Charmed a Thread
121 How the Rice and Curry became Raw
122 How a Woman ate Cooked Rice by Stealth
123 How a Woman Offered Cakes
124 The Manner in which a Woman prepared a Flour Figure
125 How a Woman became a Lapwing
126 The Story of the Seven Wicked Women
127 The Story of the Old Man
128 The Magic Lute Player
129 The Lad who Sang Songs
130 The Hunchback Tale
131 The Poor Man and the Jewels
132 The Learned Poor Man
133 A Poor Man and a Woman
134 The Story of the Rakshasa and the Princess
135 The Way the Rakshasi Died
136 How a Rakshasa turned Men and Bulls into
137 The Rakshasa-eating PRakshasa Stone
138 The Story of the Cake Tree
139 The Girl, the Monk, and the Leopard
140 The Washerman and the Leopard
141 The Frightened Yaka
142 The Story of the Seven Yakas
143 The Yaka and the Tom-Tom Beater
144 How a Tom-Tom Beater got a Marriage from the Gamarala
145 The Gem Yaksani
146 The Na, Mi, and Blue-Lotus Flowers' Princesses
147 The Loss that occurred to the Nobleman's Daughter
148 The Ratemahatmaya's Presents
149 The Prince and the Minister
150 The Story of King Bamba
151 Concerning a Royal Princess and a Turtle
152 The Story of a King and a Prince
153 The Story of the Gourd
154 The Story of the Shell Snail
155 The Queen of the Rock House
155A The Story of the Elder Sister Brother
156 The Queen and the Beggar
157 The Frog in the Queen's Nose
158 Concerning a Bear and the Queen
159 The Leopard and the Princess
160 The Story of the Foolish Leopard
161 The Story of the Dabukka
162 The Leopard and the Calf
163 The Ash-Pumpkin Fruit Prince
164 The Kabaragoya and the Widow
165 The Frog Jacket
166 The Four-faced King and the Turtle
167 The Story of the Cobra and the Prince
168 The Ant Story
169 The Gamarala and the Cock
170 Concerning the Golden Peacock
171 The Story of the Brahmana's Kitten
172 The Story of the Mango Bird
173 How the Parrot explained the Law-suit
174 The Parrot and the Crow
175 The Crow and the Darter
176 Concerning the Crows and the Owls
177 The Female Lark

Volume 3

178 Concerning the Friendship of the Hare and the Parrot 3
179 The Deer and its Friends
180 The Foolish Bird
181 The Golden Oriole
182 The Story of the Vira Tree Fish-Owls
183 The Lion and the Bull's trust in him
184 The Lizard and the Iguana
185 The Cobra and the Polanga (The Widow and the Mungus)
185a The Crab and the Frog
186 A Louse and a Bug
187 The Three Yakas
188 The Time of Scholars
189 The Thief called Harantika
190 The Story of the Four-fold Trap
191 The Foolish Prince
192 The Jackal and the Gamarala
193 The Story of Batmasura
194 The Story of Ayiwanda
195 The Gamarala's Son-in-law
196 The Story of the Gamarala's Son
197 The Manner in which the Gamarala buried his Sons
198 The Story of the Wooden Peacock
199 The Wicked Step-mother
200 The Woman who ate by stealth
201 The Story of the Bitch
202 The Elephant Guard
203 The Elephant-Fool
204 The Girl who took Gruel
205 The Boy who went to learn the Sciences
206 The Prince and the Ascetics
207 The Turtle Prince
208 The Gem-set Ring
209 The Story of the Brahmana
210 The Story of a Siwurala
211 How the Poor Man became Wealthy
212 The Story of Madampe-Rala
213 Aewariyakka
214 The Horikadaya Story
215 The Story of Bahu-Bhutaya
216 The Story of Golu-Bayiya
217 The Yaka of the Akaragane Jungle
218 The Four Rakshasas
219 The Story of the Rakshasa
220 The Thief and the Rakshasas
221 King Gaja-Bahu and the Crow
222 The Assistance which the Snake gave
223 The Leveret, or the Story of the Seven Women
224 The Greedy Palm-cat
225 The Wax Horse
226 The Three-cornered Hatter
227 The Gamarala who went to the God-World
228 The Gamarala who ate Black Fowls' Flesh
229 How the Gamarala drove away the Lion
230 The Son who was Blind at Night
231 The Son and the Mother
232 Concerning the Hetti Man's Son
233 The Fortunate Boy
234 How the Daughter-in-law got the Masuran
235 The Monkey and the Beggar
236 How the Beggar and the King gambled
237 The Story of the King
238 The King who learnt the Speech of Animals
239 The Mad King
240 Concerning the Prince with his Life in his Sword
241 The Royal Prince and the Hettirala
242 Prince Sokka
243 The Affectionate Prince
244 The Prince who received the Turtle Shell
245 Concerning a Prince and a Kinnara Woman
246 The Way in which the Prince traded
247 A Princess and a Prince
248 Concerning a Royal Princess and Two Thieves
249 How the Nagaya became the Princess
250 The Story of the Cobra's Bite
251 How they killed the Great-bellied Tambi
252 How Maraya was put in the Bottle
253 The Woman Pre-eminent in Cunning
254 Matalana
255 The Five Lies quite like Truth
236 The Three Truths
257 The False Tale
258 The Story of Kota
259 The Story of Sokka
260 The Giant and his Two Friends
261 How they formerly Ate and Drank
262 The Gourd Fruit Devil-Dance
263 The Ascetic and the Jackal
264 Concerning the Blind-Eyed Man
265 The Destiny Prince
266 The Teacher and his Pupil

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