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  • Biblical: both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament
  • Jewish: Jewish stories, including apocrypha
  • Christian: Christian stories, including apocrypha
  • Saints: stories about the Christian saints
  • Mormon: Mormon sacred texts and stories

Baring-Gould. Legends of the Old Testament
Brown. Saints and Friendly Beasts
Budge. The Contendings of the Apostles
Budge. The Laughable Stories of Bar-Hebraeus
Canton. Child's Book of Saints
Canton. Child's Book of Warriors
Church. Stories from the Bible
Clarke. Palladius's Lausiac History
Cohen. Legends and Tales (Jewish)
Collins. Cistercian Legends
Collins. The Wisdom of Israel
Darton. Seven Champions of Christendom
Ellis. Voragine's Golden Legend
Field. Jewish Legends of the Middle Ages
Forbes. Saint Columba, Apostle of Scotland
Frazier. Folklore in the Old Testament, Part 1
Frazier. Folklore in the Old Testament, Part 2
Frazier. Folklore in the Old Testament, Part 3
Friedlander. Jewish Fairy Tales
Friedlander. Jewish Fairy Tales and Stories
Friedlander. Legends From the Talmud and Medrash
Friedlander. The Jewish Fairy Book
Gaster. Passover: Its History and Traditions
Ginzberg. Legends of the Jews
Guerber. Legends of the Virgin and Christ
Hackwood. Christ Lore
Hall. Stories of the Saints
Hilton. Legends of Saints and Birds
Hurwitz. Hebrew Tales from the Ancient Sages
Iliowizi. Legends of the Russian Jews
Iliowizi. The Weird Orient
Imber. Legends and Traditions of the Jewish Nation
Isaacs. Stories from the Rabbis
James. Old Testament Legends
King James Bible
Lagerlöf. Christ Legends
Landa. Jewish Fairy Tales and Fables
Landa. Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends
Lang, Leonora. Saints and Heroes
Levin. The Golden Mountain
Mabie. The Book of Christmas
Madge. Leaves from the Golden Legend
Marshall. The Wonder Book of Bible Stories
Miles. Christmas in Ritual and Tradition
Munro. Medieval Sermon-Stories
Myers. The Jewish Story Book
Olcott. Bible Stories to Read and Tell
Platt. Forgotten Books of Eden
Platt. The First Book of Adam and Eve
Platt. The Lost Books of the Bible
Reizenstein. Rabbinic Wisdom
Smith. Christmas in Legend and Story
Steedman. In God's Garden - Stories of the Saints
Steedman. Nursery Book of Bible Stories
Steedman. Our Island Saints
Twain. Diaries of Adam and Eve
Wake. Forbidden Gospels and Epistles.
Walsh. Josephus
Weil. Biblical Legends of the Mussulmans