Friedlander. Legends From the Talmud and Medrash

Today's free book is Sepher Haaggadah, Consisting of Parables and Legends From the Talmud and Medrash by Gerald Friedlander. This book was also published under the title: Rabbinic Philosophy and Ethics Illustrated by Haggadic Parables and Legends.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

The Creation of the World
God the Creator
Heaven and Earth
Trees and Grass
The Sun
The Moon
The Creatures of God
The Creation of Eve on the Sabbath
The Praise of the World

Adam and Eve
Adam After the Sin
Cain and Abel
The Generation of the Flood
Noah and the Flood
Nimrod and the Generation of the Dispersion

Story of the Patriarchs
Abraham's Plea for Sodom
The Seed of Abraham
The Trials of Abraham
The Death of Abraham
Isaac and Rebecca
Jacob and Esau
Isaac's Blindness
Isaac's Blessing
Jacob's Wandering
Jacob's Dream
Jacob's Prayer
Leah and Rachel
Jacob and Laban
Jacob and the Angels
The Death of Rachel
The Name of God
The House of Esau
Joseph and His Brethren
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph Before Pharaoh
The Brethren of Joseph in Egypt
Jacob's Sojourn in Egypt
The Blessing of Jacob
The Death of Jacob
The Burial of Jacob
Joseph Comforts His Brethren
The Death of Joseph

Israel in Egypt and the Exodus
The Egyptian Oppression
Pharaoh's Cruelty
The Mothers of Israel
The Birth of Moses
Moses and His Brethren
The Flight of Moses
The Cry of the Children of Israel
Moses Returns to Egypt
Moses and Pharaoh
Israel's Suffering in Bondage
The Faith of the Patriarchs
The Miracles in Egypt
The Ten Plagues
The Remains of Joseph
The Exodus
The March of God's People
The Dividing of the Reed Sea
The Song of Victory

Israel in the Wilderness
From Egypt to the Desert
The Manna
Amalek's War
The Giving of the Law
Israel's Guarantee
The Law of Moses
The Golden Calf
The Tabernacle
The Sanctuary Light
The Encampment in the Wilderness
The Waters of Meribah
The Death of Aaron
Aaron's Character
The Song of the Well
The Daughters of Zelophehad
Israel: A People Separated Unto God
The War with Midian
God's Loving Care for Israel
The Spies
The Prophecy of Moses
Eldad and Medad
Moses and Joshua
The Death of Moses

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