Hurwitz. Hebrew Tales from the Ancient Sages

Today's free book is Hebrew Tales Selected and Translated From the Writings of the Ancient Hebrew Sages by Hyman Hurwitz, revised and edited by George Alexander Kohut. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at  Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Moses and the Lamb
The Value of a Good Wife 16
The Lord Helpeth Man and Beast
Conversation of a Philosopher with a Rabbi
The Princess and Rabbi Joshua
Mercy in Judgment
Blessings in Disguise
Intended Divorce and Reconciliation
The Heavenly Lamp
True Charity Knows no Law
Scripture Impartiality
The Honor Due to Whatever is Truly Useful
To Insult Poverty or Natural Defect, no Venial Crime
Liberality Grounded on Religion not to be Conquered by Reverse Fortune
On Pretended Majorities
On the Mood of Mind that will Render the Consequences of Improper Actions the Atonement for Them
The Seven Ages
Incorruptible Treasures
Table Talk of the Sages of Israel
Destruction of Wickedness
The Meek and the Haughty
The Heathen and the Hebrew Sages
The Conquest of Meekness
True Charity
Filial Reverence
The Double Moral and Twofold Tale
Compassion Toward the Unhappy
The Legacy of Rabbi Johanan to his Disciples
Milton's "Dark from Excess of Light"
The Wilful Drunkard
Do not Provoke those who Throw off Appearances of Justice
The Traveller and the Date-Tree of the Oasis
The Aged Planter and Hadrian
The Same Things no Longer the Same under Altered Circumstances
The Preposterous Snake
The Doctrine of Resurrection Supported by that of Creation
The Sufferings of the Jews under Hadrian, I
Sufferings of the Jews under Hadrian, II
On Vows in Cases Previously Binding on the Conscience
Poverty no Proof of Divine Disfavor
Scrupulous Honesty
The Fox and the Fish
The Climax of Benevolence
Rabbi Simeon and the Jewels
He who Wrongs the Dishonest under the Pretence of their Dishonesty Renders Himself an Accomplice
Scrupulous Honesty
Reverence for Truth and Simplicity not to be Sacrificed to the Forms of Courtesy
The Twofold Charity of the Benevolent Physician
Folly of Idolatry
Abraham's Deliverance from the Fiery Furnace
No Loss of Dignity from any Innocent Means of Promoting Peace and Harmony
The Lawful Heir
The Fox and the Rift in the Garden-Wall
Alexander and the Female Chief
Ambition Humbled and Reproved Ill
Wit Like Salt
The Word "Us"
The Tailor and the Broken Mortar
Witty Retort of a Hebrew Child
The Inhospitable Jester Taken in his Own Snare
The Enigma that Cost the Athenian his Mantle
The Quadruple Tale
The Athenian and his One-Eyed Slave
The Scientific Carver
No Rule Without Exception

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