Budge. The Contendings of the Apostles

Today's free book is The Contendings of the Apostles, Being the Histories of the Lives and Martyrdoms and Deaths of the Twelve Apostles and Evangelists translated from the Ehtiopic texts by E. A. Wallis Budge. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Internet Archive.

The History of Saint Peter

The Martyrdom of Saint Peter

The Martyrdom of Saint Paul

The Genealogies of the Twelve Apostles

The Epistle of Dionysius the Areopagite to Timothy

The Preaching of Simon, the Son of Cleopas

The Martyrdom of Simon, the Son of Cleopas

The Preaching of Saint James the Just

The Martyrdom of Saint James the Just

The Preaching of Saint Bartholomew in the Oasis

The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew in Naidas

The Acts of Saint Andrew [matthew] in the City of Kahenat

The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew. In Parthia

The Martyrdom of Saint Luke

The Preaching of Saints Philip and Peter

The Martyrdom of Saint Philip in Phrygia

The Preaching of Saints Andrew and Philemon Among the Kurds

The Acts of Saints Andrew and Bartholomew Among the Parthians

The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew in Scythia

The Preaching of Saint John the Evangelist

The History of the Death of Saint Ojohn the Evangelist

The Martyrdom of Saint James

The Preaching of Saint Matthias in the City of the Cannibals

The Martyrdom of Saint Matthias

The Acts of Saint James in India

The Martyrdom of Saint James

The Martyrdom of Saint Mark the Evangelist in Alexandria

The Preaching of Saint Thomas in India

The Martyrdom of Thomas in India

The Preaching of Judas Thaddeus in Syria

The Preaching of Saint Matthias

The Acts of Saint Thomas in India:
The First Act
The Second Act
The Third Act
The Fourth Act
The Fifth Act
The Sixth Act

The Acts of Saint Peter:
1. Concerning the Manifestation of and How Our Lord Ascended Into Heaven, and How He Blessed the Apostles, and Made Known Unto Them Concerning the Angels Who Sing Praises Before Him, and the Similitude of Their Forms, and Their Orders, and Their Ordinances, and Whatsoever Appertaineth Thereunto

2. How Peter Saw a Mighty Similitude of the Lady of Us All, Mary, the Spotless Woman, and Her Honourable Glory

3. Of the Coming of Clement Into the Faith of Christ, and How Peter Chose Him to Be His Disciple, Along With His Brethren, and How They Came Upon Their Father and Their Mother After They Had Lost All Hope of Them; Together With the Miracles and the Stories Which Should Here Follow

4. Concerning the Preaching of Peter and John in the City of Antioch, and Their Calling of Men to the True Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Miracles Which They Wrought Therein; of the Coming of Saint Paul Unto Them, and the Matters Which Followed Thereupon

5. How Peter Preached in the City of Rome and Called Men Unto the Faith of Christ, and How Miracles Were Wrought by'iiim There, and of the Coming of Paul, and Barnabas, and Timothy, and Titus, and of Myself, Clement, and of the Matters Which Appertain Thereunto

6. How Satan Told Peter What He Would Do Against the Believers, and the Priests, and the Servants of God, and How He Would Lead Them Astray in the Last Days

7. How Peter Returned to the City of Rome and Made an End of Simon Magus, and Revealed the Faith of Christ Unto the People Thereof, and How They Were Baptized, and Built Churches, and How the Disciples Were Gathered Together Unto Peter, and How They Appointed a Law and a Canon Suitable to the Believers, and How They Sealed Them With Their Sealings, and Excommunicated All the Transgressors, and of the Miracles and Stories Which Appertain Thereunto

8. How Clement Asked Peter Concerning the Remainder of the Mysteries, and How Peter Revealed Unto Him the Remaining Matters of the Ordinances of the Mystery, and the Law, and the Commandments, Which Our Lord Jesus Christ Had Given Unto Him, and Concerning Other Divine Histories

The History of the Contending of Saint Paul
1. The Election of Paul by Christ
2. Paul's Personal Appearance and Education
3. His Persecution of the Christians, His Conversion, His Meeting With Barnabas
4. Paul and Barnabas Go From Paphos to Perga
5. Paul and Silas Go to Thessalon1ca
6. Christ Appears to Paul in Accho
7. The History of Paul and Secundus
8. Paul in Athens
9. The Story of Demetrius the Silversmith
10. The Story of Paul and Philip in Lystra
11. The Story of Paul and Philip in Lystra
12. Paul Departs From Jerusalem to Preach the Gospel
13. Paul in the City of Gahleya
14. Paul in the Island of Manafeket

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