Munro. Medieval Sermon-Stories

Today's free book is Medieval Sermon-Stories by Dana Munro. These stories have been taken from the works of Jacques de Vitry, Cæsar of Heisterbach and Étienne de Bourbon.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

I. Tales of the Virgin. 
1. Virgin saves matron and monk, who elope with treasures of monastery
2. Virgin takes the place of nun who has fled from the convent
3. Woman is punished for despising a statue of the Virgin
4. Horrible death of a blasphemer of the Virgin
5. A robber is delivered from hanging because of his prayers to the Virgin
6. The devil thwarted by prayers to the Virgin

II. Tales of the Devil. 
1. Devil confesses that he entered a woman because she was delivered to him by her husband
2. Devil carries a knight from the church of St. Thomas in India to his own country
3. Two heretics work miracles by the aid of the devil

III. Tales of Relics. 
1. Relics of St. Martin heal two beggars against their will
2. The arm of John the Baptist makes a merchant wealth
3. Miracles wrought by bridle, falsely called a relic

IV. Tales of Confession. 
1. By confession a guilty priest escapes exposure
2. Through confession, the devil’s record is blotted out
3. Through confession, a forgotten prayer is erased from the devil’s book
4. A heretic, healed by confession, relapses and is burnt

V. Tales of the Host. 
1. Christ is seen in the hands of a priest
2. Woman is punished for scattering the host upon her vegetables
3. Bees construct a church for the host

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