Isaacs. Stories from the Rabbis

Today's free book is Stories from the Rabbis by Abraham S. Isaacs. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. The links below are to the Internet Archive version.

The Faust of the Talmud
The Wooing of the Princess
The Rip Van Winkle of the Talmud
Rabbinical Romance
The Shepherd's Wife
The Repentant Rabbi
The Inheritance
Elijah in the Legends
When Solomon was King
Rabbinical Humor
The Munchausen of the Talmud
The Rabbi's Dream
The Gift that Blessed
In the Sweat of Thy Brow
A Four-Leaved Clover
The Expiation
A String of Pearls

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