Madge. Leaves from the Golden Legend

Today's free book is Leaves from the Golden Legend by H. D. Madge with illustrations by C.M. Watts. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

I.—At the Nativity of Our Lord
II.—The Legend of St. Agnes
III. —The Legend of St. Alban
IV. —The Legend of St. Barlaam and St. Josaphat
V.—The Voyage of St. Brandon
VI.—The Legend of St. Christopher
VII.—The Legend of St. Eustace
VIII.—Legend of St. George
IX.—The Legend of St. Giles
X.—The Legend of St. Julian Hospitator
XI.—The Legend of St. Katherine
XII.—The Legend of St. Margaret
XIII. —The Legend of St. Sylvester
XIV. —The Passion of the Eleven Thousand Virgins
XV.—The Seven Sleepers
XVI.—Of the Holy Cross
XVII.—Legends of St. John the Evangelist
XVIII.—A Legend of St. Martha
XIX.—St. Longinus
XX.—Of Judas and Pilate
XXI.—Julian the Apostate
XXII.—Legends of St. Macarius
XXIII. —St. Felix in pincis
XXIV. —Peter the Toller
XXV.—The Invention of St. Firmin
XXVI.—Sundry Miracles of St. Nicholas
XXVII.—Sundry Miracles of our Lady
XXVIII.—The Translation of St. Mark
XXIX.—A Miracle of St. Andrew
XXX.—The Three Damsels of St. Anastasia
XXXI.—A Vision of St. John the Almoner
XXXII.—Labour and Pray
XXXIII. —St. Bernard and the Villein
XXXIV. —The Hermit and St. Gregory
XXXV.—The Parents of St. Thomas of Canterbury
XXXVI.—Miracles of St. Austin of Canterbury
XXXVII.—A Priest espoused to St. Agnes
XXXVIII.—A Miracle of St. James the Great
XXXIX.—A Miracle of St. Genevieve
XL.—The Devil appears to St. Martin
XLI.—The Devil appears to St. Dunstan
XLII.—Purgatory and the Dead
XLIII.—St. Patrick's Purgatory
XLIV.—Of some possessed with Devils

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