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Anderson-Cundall. Jamaican Proverbs
Baum. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Baum. Tin Woodman of Oz
Beckwith. Jamaica Anansi Stories
Burroughs. Tarzan of the Apes
Christensen. Afro-American Folk Lore
Edwards. Bahama Songs and Stories
Eells. Fairy Tales from Brazil
Eells. Tales of Giants from Brazil
Fitz-James. Bahamian Folk Lore
Fortier. Louisiana Folktales
Georgia Writer's Project. Drums and Shadows
Gonzales. With Aesop (in Gullah)
Harris. Nights With Uncle Remus
Harris. Rhymes of Uncle Remus
Harris. Told By Uncle Remus
Harris. Uncle Remus
Harris. Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
Harris. Uncle Remus and His Friends
Harris. Uncle Remus and the Little Boy
Harris. Uncle Remus Returns
Herskovits. Suriname Folklore
Irving. Rip van Winkle
Jekyll. Jamaican Song and Story (Anansi Stories)
Jones. Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast
Laughead. The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan
Milne-Home. West Indian Folklore
Ormondroyd. David and the Phoenix
Owen. Old Rabbit and The Voodoo
Parsons. Folklore from the Cape Verde Islands
Parsons. Folklore of the Antilles
Parsons. Folklore of the SC Sea Islands
Parsons. Folktales of Andros Island, Bahamas
Sale. The Tree Named John
Shay. American Legendary Heroes
Skinner. Along the Rocky Range
Skinner. Buried Treasure
Skinner. Central States and Great Lakes
Skinner. Lights and Shadows of the South
Skinner. Pacific Slope
Skinner. Tales of Puritan Land
Skinner. The Delaware
Skinner. The Hudson.
Skinner. The Isle of Manhattoes
Smith. Annancy Stories
Stafford. Animal Fables
Stoddard. Cuban Legends — Antilles Folklore