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Baldwin. Fairy Stories and Fables
Baldwin. The Wonder-Book of Horses
Baring-Gould. Book of Folklore
Baring-Gould. Book of Ghosts
Baring-Gould. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages
Baring-Gould. The Book of Werewolves
Besant. Legends and Tales
Bryce. Fables from Afar
Bulfinch: Mythology: The Age of Fable
Church. Stories of the Magicians
Colum. Orpheus: Myths of the World
Coussens. Child's Book of Stories
Dulac. Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations
Dyer. The Folklore of Plants
Dyer. The Ghost World
Frazer. Golden Bough (I). The Magic Art.
Frazer. Golden Bough (II). Taboo.
Frazer. Golden Bough (III). The Dying God.
Frazer. Golden Bough (IV). Adonis Attis Osiris.
Frazer. Golden Bough (V). Spirits of the Corn.
Frazer. Golden Bough (VI). The Scapegoat.
Frazer. Golden Bough (VII). Balder the Beautiful.
Frazer. Golden Bough [short edition]
Gould. Mythical Monsters
Guerber. The Book of the Epic
Harley. Moon Lore
Hartland. The Science of Fairy Tales
Johnson. The Oak-Tree Fairy Book
Judd. Classic Myths
Keightley. The Fairy Mythology
Lang, Andrew. Book of Romance
Lang, Andrew. Dreams and Ghosts
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Blue.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Brown.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Crimson.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Green.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Grey.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Lilac.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Olive.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Orange.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Pink.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Red.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Violet.
Lang, Andrew. Fairy Book - Yellow.
Lang, Andrew. Red Romance Book
Lang, Andrew. Tales of Romance
Lang, Leonora. Strange Story Book
Mabie. Heroes Every Child Should Know
Marshall, Logan. Myths of All Nations
Montalba. Fairy Tales from All Nations
Mulock. The Fairy Book
Olcott. Star Lore of All Ages
Olcott. Sun Lore of All Ages
Pyle, Howard. Book of Pirates
Pyle, Katharine. Mother’s Nursery Tales
Pyle. The Wonder Clock
Rank. The Myth of the Birth of the Hero
Scudder. Book of Legends
Scudder. The Children's Book
Upton. The Standard Light Operas
Upton. The Standard Operas
Vredenburg. My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
White. The Student's Mythology
Wiggin-Smith. The Fairy Ring
Wiggin-Smith. The Talking Beasts