Frazer. Golden Bough (IV). Adonis Attis Osiris.

Today's free book is Today's free book is The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion. Part IV: Adonis Attis Osiris (Third Edition, Volumes 5-6 of 12) by James George Frazer.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The most convenient online edition is at Project Gutenberg: Volume 5 and Volume 6.

Book First. Adonis.

Chapter I. The Myth of Adonis.

Chapter II. Adonis in Syria.

Chapter III. Adonis in Cyprus.

Chapter IV. Sacred Men and Women.
§ 1. An Alternative Theory.
§ 2. Sacred Women in India.
§ 3. Sacred Men and Women in West Africa.
§ 4. Sacred Women in Western Asia.
§ 5. Sacred Men in Western Asia.
§ 6. Sons of God.
§ 7. Reincarnation of the Dead.
§ 8. Sacred Stocks and Stones among the Semites.

Chapter V. The Burning of Melcarth.

Chapter VI. The Burning of Sandan.
§ 1. The Baal of Tarsus.
§ 2. The God of Ibreez.
§ 3. Sandan of Tarsus.
§ 4. The Gods of Boghaz-Keui.
§ 5. Sandan and Baal at Tarsus.
§ 6. Priestly Kings of Olba.
§ 7. The God of the Corycian Cave.
§ 8. Cilician Goddesses.
§ 9. The Burning of Cilician Gods.

Chapter VII. Sardanapalus and Hercules.
§ 1. The Burning of Sardanapalus.
§ 2. The Burning of Croesus.
§ 3. Purification by Fire.
§ 4. The Divinity of Lydian Kings.
§ 5. Hittite Gods at Tarsus and Sardes.
§ 6. The Resurrection of Tylon.

Chapter VIII. Volcanic Religion.
§ 1. The Burning of a God.
§ 2. The Volcanic Region of Cappadocia.
§ 3. Fire-Worship in Cappadocia.
§ 4. The Burnt Land of Lydia.
§ 5. The Earthquake God.
§ 6. The Worship of Mephitic Vapours.
§ 7. The Worship of Hot Springs.
§ 8. The Worship of Volcanoes in other Lands.

Chapter IX. The Ritual of Adonis.

Chapter X. The Gardens of Adonis.

Book Second. Attis.

Chapter I. The Myth and Ritual of Attis.

Chapter II. Attis As a God of Vegetation.

Chapter III. Attis As The Father God.

Chapter IV. Human Representatives of Attis.

Chapter V. The Hanged God.

Chapter VI. Oriental Religions in the West.

Chapter VII. Hyacinth.

Volume 6 begins here:

Book Third. Osiris.

Chapter I. The Myth Of Osiris.

Chapter II. The Official Egyptian Calendar.

Chapter III. The Calendar of the Egyptian Farmer.
§ 1. The Rise and Fall of the Nile.
§ 2. Rites of Irrigation.
§ 3. Rites of Sowing.
§ 4. Rites of Harvest.

Chapter IV. The Official Festivals of Osiris.
§ 1. The Festival at Sais.
§ 2. Feasts of All Souls.
§ 3. The Festival in the Month of Athyr.
§ 4. The Festival in the Month of Khoiak.
§ 5. The Resurrection of Osiris.
§ 6. Readjustment of Egyptian Festivals.

Chapter V. The Nature of Osiris.
§ 1. Osiris a Corn-God.
§ 2. Osiris a Tree-Spirit.
§ 3. Osiris a God of Fertility.
§ 4. Osiris a God of the Dead.

Chapter VI. Isis.

Chapter VII. Osiris and the Sun.

Chapter VIII. Osiris and the Moon.

Chapter IX. The Doctrine of Lunar Sympathy.

Chapter X. The King As Osiris.

Chapter XI. The Origin of Osiris.

Chapter XII. Mother-Kin And Mother Goddesses.
§ 1. Dying Gods and Mourning Goddesses.
§ 2. Influence of Mother-Kin on Religion.
§ 3. Mother-Kin and Mother Goddesses in the Ancient East.


I. Moloch The King.

II. The Widowed Flamen.
§ 1. The Pollution of Death.
§ 2. The Marriage of the Roman Gods.
§ 3. Children of Living Parents in Ritual.

III. A Charm To Protect a Town.

IV. Some Customs Of The Pelew Islanders.
§ 1. Priests dressed as Women.
§ 2. Prostitution of Unmarried Girls.
§ 3. Custom of slaying Chiefs.

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