Frazer. Golden Bough (III). The Dying God.

Today's free book is The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion. Part III: The Dying God (Third Edition, Vol. 4 of 12) by James George Frazer.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The most convenient online edition is at Project Gutenberg.

Chapter I. The Mortality Of The Gods.

Chapter II. The Killing Of The Divine King.
§ 1. Preference for a Violent Death.
§ 2. Kings killed when their Strength fails.
§ 3. Kings killed at the End of a Fixed Term.
§ 4. Octennial Tenure of the Kingship.
§ 5. Funeral Games.
§ 6. The Slaughter of the Dragon.
§ 7. Triennial Tenure of the Kingship.
§ 8. Annual Tenure of the Kingship.
§ 9. Diurnal Tenure of the Kingship.

Chapter III. The Slaying Of The King In Legend.

Chapter IV. The Supply Of Kings.

Chapter V. Temporary Kings.

Chapter VI. Sacrifice Of The King's Son.

Chapter VII. Succession To The Soul.

Chapter VIII. The Killing Of The Tree-Spirit.
§ 1. The Whitsuntide Mummers.
§ 2. Mock Human Sacrifices.
§ 3. Burying the Carnival.
§ 4. Carrying out Death.
§ 5. Sawing the Old Woman.
§ 6. Bringing in Summer.
§ 7. Battle of Summer and Winter.
§ 8. Death and Resurrection of Kostrubonko.
§ 9. Death and Revival of Vegetation.
§ 10. Analogous Rites in India.
§ 11. The Magic Spring.

Note A. Chinese Indifference To Death.

Note B. Swinging As A Magical Rite.

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