Frazer. Golden Bough (V). Spirits of the Corn.

Today's free book is The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion. Part V: Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild (Third Edition, Volumes 7-8 of 12) by James George Frazer.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The most convenient online edition is at Project Gutenberg: Volume 7 and Volume 8.

Chapter I. Dionysus.

Chapter II. Demeter And Persephone.

Chapter III. Magical Significance of Games in Primitive Agriculture.

Chapter IV. Woman's Part in Primitive Agriculture.

Chapter V. The Corn-Mother and the Corn-Maiden in Northern Europe.

Chapter VI. The Corn-Mother in Many Lands.
§ 1. The Corn-mother in America.
§ 2. The Mother-cotton in the Punjaub.
§ 3. The Barley Bride among the Berbers.
§ 4. The Rice-mother in the East Indies.
§ 5. The Spirit of the Corn embodied in Human Beings.
§ 6. The Double Personification of the Corn as Mother and Daughter.

Chapter VII. Lityerses.
§ 1. Songs of the Corn Reapers.
§ 2. Killing the Corn-spirit.
§ 3. Human Sacrifices for the Crops.
§ 4. The Corn-spirit slain in his Human Representatives.

Chapter VIII. The Corn-Spirit as an Animal.
§ 1. Animal Embodiments of the Corn-spirit.
§ 2. The Corn-spirit as a Wolf or a Dog.
§ 3. The Corn-spirit as a Cock.
§ 4. The Corn-spirit as a Hare.
§ 5. The Corn-spirit as a Cat.
§ 6. The Corn-spirit as a Goat.
§ 7. The Corn-spirit as a Bull, Cow, or Ox.
§ 8. The Corn-spirit as a Horse or Mare.
§ 9. The Corn-spirit as a Bird.
§ 10. The Corn-spirit as a Fox.
§ 11. The Corn-spirit as a Pig (Boar or Sow).
§ 12. On the Animal Embodiments of the Corn-spirit.

Note. The Pleiades in Primitive Calendars.

Volume 8 begins here:

Chapter IX. Ancient Deities of Vegetation as Animals.
§ 1. Dionysus, the Goat and the Bull.
§ 2. Demeter, the Pig and the Horse.
§ 3. Attis, Adonis, and the Pig.
§ 4. Osiris, the Pig and the Bull.
§ 5. Virbius and the Horse.

Chapter X. Eating The God.
§ 1. The Sacrament of First-Fruits.
§ 2. Eating the God among the Aztecs.
§ 3. Many Manii at Aricia.

Chapter XI. The Sacrifice of First-Fruits.

Chapter XII. Homoeopathic Magic of a Flesh Diet.

Chapter XIII. Killing The Divine Animal.
§ 1. Killing the Sacred Buzzard.
§ 2. Killing the Sacred Ram.
§ 3. Killing the Sacred Serpent.
§ 4. Killing the Sacred Turtles.
§ 5. Killing the Sacred Bear.

Chapter XIV. The Propitiation of Wild Animals by Hunters.

Chapter XV. The Propitiation of Vermin by Farmers.
§ 1. The Enemies of the Crops.
§ 2. Mouse Apollo and Wolf Apollo.

Chapter XVI. The Transmigration of Human Souls Into Animals.

Chapter XVII. Types of Animal Sacrament.
§ 1. The Egyptian and the Aino Types of Sacrament.
§ 2. Processions with Sacred Animals.
§ 3. The Rites of Plough Monday.

Note: The Ceremony of the Horse at Rice-Harvest Among The Garos.

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