Thomas. Edo-speaking peoples of Nigeria

Today's free book is Anthropological report on the Edo-speaking peoples of Nigeria by Northcote W. Thomas (1910). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents: Volume II

Edo Texts
1. Azuambili the sponder
2. Iya
3. The Three Tasks
4. Igifiemido the Archer
5. Boebose
6. The Three Boys
7. The Tortoise
8. Osa and the Lizard
9. Omeneli
10. Man with elephantiasis
11. Palm Nuts
12. Ido
13. The Monkey
14. The Poor Man
15. The Smokers
16. Burial Custom
17. The Plantain Eater
18. Osa and the Farmer
19. The Poor Woman and Her Son
20. Osa and Ewale
21. The Four Men
22. Igifemido and Emigherameme
23. The Dog and the Leopard
24. Ezomo
25. Ogiso and the Poor Woman
26. Dog and Tortoise
27. The Seven Men

Other Edo Languages:

Ishan Narratives

Ijeba Narrative

1. Phrases
2. Astronomy
3. The Dungbeetle
4. Tortoise and Snail
5. Burial Customs

1. The Francolin
2. Inabosere
3. King and Tortoise
4. The Bird
5. Tortoise and Omemamoni
6. The Impotent Man
7. Giant and King of Sky
8. The Stupid Man
9. The Tortoise and the Eggs
10. Hunting
11. Snail and Tortoise
12. Man and Wife

Uzaitui Hunting

Ibie Farming

Kominio Farming

Soso Farming

Semolika Farming

Ibilo Farming

Isua Farming

Okpe Customs

Otua Farming, etc.

Child and Millipede

Iyede Farming

Oyu Farming

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